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We will also provide you info on the Long Weekends of 2016 so you can plan your travels ahead and watch out for Piso Fare 2016 promos. If the employee did not work, he/she shall be paid 100 percent of his/her salary for that day. Please note that Effective December 1, 2017 the Integration of COLA into the basic pay. PhilHealth Online Registration: Step-by-step Guide 2020, How to Apply for Philippine Military Academy (PMA) – Requirements and Procedure, Tips Before Buying a Land in the Philippines To Avoid Problems, How to Install Chikka Messenger App on iPad or iPad Mini, How to Effectively Convert JPEG Files to Word Document, How to Know if Someone Unfriended you on Facebook. Learn how your comment data is processed. Falling on the employee’s rest day and if worked Unfortunately, the pay rule is that ‘No Work, No Pay’ on special holiday in the Philippines.

Piso Fares, Piso Sales, Promo Tickets 2020 to 2021, Last updated by 1PisoFare on July 15, 2015. Now, if you worked overtime on a special non-working holiday that is also your rest day, wow! Special Non Working Holiday Pay Rules PHILIPPINES. Enter your email address to subscribe and be the first to notified when we publish new article. For those declared as special working holidays, the following rules shall apply: For work performed, an employee is entitled only to his basic rate. o 1st 8 hours – plus 30% of 200% Computation of Pay for Holidays: Regular, Special Non-Working, Special Working (DOLE Memorandum Circular 01), New writer at the Forum; Alex Magno is “Off-line”, No Parking, No Car (Proof-of-Parking Space Act, Senate Bill No. 01 The COLA is also included in the computation of holiday pay. Just substitute your daily rate or hourly rate in the ‘special holiday pay formula’. Unworked, Clarify whats the actual and proper way in the computation for regular days and special holidays not worked by daily and monthly employees, based on the prescribed labor laws of the Philippines, My situation is I’m a call center employee working at night and I would like to know If I’m. I have a query for the treatment for holidays and special days and special holidays: What is the coverage of this holidays pay for monthly employees againts daily wage employees? how do i compute the the special holiday paid for monthly rate? Labor Day – May 1 In this article I will show a simplified illustration of proper computation of wages to the workers during Regular Holidays and Special (Non-Working) Days based on the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) pay rules. Do you want to be know how to compute Regular Holiday pay benefits if you work, did not work, work with overtime etc? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. So you will earn “0” if you don’t show up to work. Your excess hours or overtime hours is almost double your normal hourly rate! What if Chris works the normal 8 hours on a special non-working holiday in the country? If employers will follow prescribed guidelines and observe fair labor practices, then workers will have no reason to complain because their rights at work are respected. The ‘Daily rate x 130 percent plus COLA’ scheme will be observed. * No pay, unless there is a favorable company policy, practice or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment of wages on special days even if unworked. For work done in excess of eight hours (overtime work) during a special day that also falls on the workers’ rest day, they shall be paid an additional 30 percent of their hourly rate on said day, or a computation of ‘hourly rate of the basic daily wage x 150 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked. Your email address will not be published. If worked *EXCEPTION: This DOLE holiday pay rules does not apply to companies with a more favorable treatment of national regular and special holidays payment either via the company’s practice, internal policy or via a CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) that exist in the company. some company implement non payment of holiday if the employee fails to report for work before the holiday How bout for fixed rates? 6. If unworked If the employee worked in excess of eight hours (overtime work), he/she shall be paid an additional 30 percent of his/her hourly rate on said day. Anyway, if you still don’t know it yet, one of the more helpful government websites is that of the DOLE. 9. said day. If you show up for work during a Special (non-working) Holiday, then you will enjoy special pay of 130% of your regular daily rate. An example of this kind of holiday is the upcoming APEC meeting this November 18 and 19, 2015. Worked overtime on a rest day (regular/legal holiday and rest day at the same time) [(Basic wage + COLA x 2] + [(Basic wage x 2) x .30] + [(Basic hourly rate x 2.6) x Number of excess hours x 1.3] Special Non-Working Days (2017) Dates. Computing his special holiday pay is easy by using the formula provided by the Department of Labor and Employment for this case. e.g. Computation is (Daily Rate x 150%) + (Hourly rate x Number of OT hours x 1.95). Visit 1PISOFARE.COM regularly if you want to be updated. Awesome! Christmas Day – December 25 If you are currently employed, then continue reading this post so you will know how to compute your special holiday pay if you come to work, rendered overtime, work on a rest day, or did not work on special holiday, etc. It boasts of useful features such as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and, to my delight, a fully functional email-query system. o 1st 8 hours – 200% Sample computation: [(Daily rate + COLA) x 100 percent]; 2. Maundy Thursday – Movable Date how about not working before and after the holiday date? I just want to ask if I’m entitled to holiday pay? Computation is Daily Rate x 130% (or Daily Rate x 1.3) With our Chris example, this will be his pay if he works on a Special non-working holiday: = P1000 x 130% Good Friday – Movable Date For work done in excess of eight hours (overtime work) during a special day that also falls on the workers’ rest day, they shall be paid an additional 30 percent of their hourly rate on said day, or a computation of ‘hourly rate of the basic daily wage x 150 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked. 7010, Community Quarantine Classifications Starting 16 June 2020: IAT Resolution No. I have a query since in our company our daily wage and monthly employees has no difference at all when it comes to payment of regular, special and special working holidays we have the same computation. Filed Under: Booking Guides - Travel Tips Tagged With: 2016 Regular and Special Holidays, Malacanang Declared 2016 Holidays, Overtime Pay on Special Holiday, Philippine Holiday Pay Formula, Special Holiday Benefits, Special Holiday Day Formula, Special Holiday Pay, Special Holiday Pay with Overtime. I start work at 11pm (Sunday/April5) until 8am the following day (Monday/April6). He worked 10 hours on a special non-working holiday in the Philippines. eligible for a holiday pay if it falls the day after my shift starts? For declared special days such as Special Non-Working Day, Special Public Holiday, Special National Holiday, in addition to the two (2) nationwide special days (November 1, All Saints Day and December 31, Last Day of the Year) listed under EO 203, as amended, the following rules shall apply: 1. National Heroes Day- Last Sunday of August = P1987.50 – Chris earning for this day! regular time po namin ay 8am to 5pm pumasok kami ng aug 28 2014 then nag overtime/straight kami ng work hagang aug. 29 2014..ng 7:35pm.. ask ko lang po if kasama po sa double payang pinasok namin na ganap ng 12am-8am ng aug. 29 2014? * 1st 8 hours – plus 30% of the daily rate of 100% MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. Greetings! for exmple 30 days po in a month kung 350.00 minimumrate nmin sa regular po b ay kasama sa computation ang saturday sunday which is monday to friday lng nmn kami.. pero regular po ako. If the employee worked in excess of eight hours (overtime work) during a regular holiday that also falls on his/her rest day, he/she shall be paid an additional 30 percent of his/her hourly rate on said day. If unworked.

where we can check its policy and guidelines?
So let’s say our example employee Chris rendered work on his rest day which is a special non-working holiday, his pay will be: = P1,500 – The special holiday pay for Chris on this day, ( E ) I WORKED OVERTIME ON A SPECIAL (Non-Working) HOLIDAY which is also MY REST DAY.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Independence Day – June 12 = (1000 x 150%) + (125 x 2 hours OT x 1.95). Did the company you working with using correct formula mandated by the Department of Labor and Employment? Sample computation: (Hourly rate of the basic daily wage x 200 percent x 130 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked). 2. Computation is (Daily Rate x 130% ) + (Hourly rate x Number of OT Hours x 1.69). Is it right to deduct the special non working holiday on their fixed salary? This video booking guide is brought to you by the 1PISOFARE TEAM. Using our Chris example, this will be his takehome pay for this day: = P1,722.50 –> The take-home pay of our sample scenario, ( D ) I DID WORK ON A SPECIAL (Non-Working) HOLIDAY and it’s also MY REST DAY. 3. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If worked. You will earn big for this day! With our Chris example, this will be his pay if he works on a Special non-working holiday: = P1,300 –> This is the take-home pay for working on a special non-working holiday using our Chris example. * excess of 8 hours – plus 30% of hourly rate on said day.

7. Nice article on these agreements. One of the more confusing matters, for employees and HR people alike, is the computation of holiday pay, complicated by the fact that there are different “kinds” of holidays. REGULAR HOLIDAY PAY RULES and COMPUTATION, Cebu Pacific 2021 Seat Sale with 99, 299 and 499 Fares, 99 and 299 BASE FARES for 2020 to 2021 by Cebu Pacific Air. Enter your email address to subscribe to 1PISOFARE and receive notifications of new posts by email.

If you don’t received the right amount you can settle first to the company payroll master for clarification. You can also use the same formula to compute for your own pay rate if you work on a special (non-working). About and Contact Us. 201), Credit Cards and Unfair Collection Practices, Bouncing Checks (BP 22): An Extended Discussion, Parental Consent vs Parental Advice in Marriage, Basic Discussion on Last Will and Testament in the Philippines, Philippine Lemon Law (Republic Act 10642; full text), Summary of Remedies under the Financial Rehabilitation and Insolvency Act (FRIA) in the Philippines, Areas under ECQ/GCQ/MECQ; Omnibus Guidelines for Community Quarantine, Results of the 2019 Bar Examinations: Full List, Percentage of Bar Exam Passers (2000-2018), Amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure, to Take Effect 1 May 2020, Financial Assistance for Filipino Workers and OFWs, 30-Day Grace Period for Loans and Rents during the COVID-19 Lockdown, 2020 Bar Exams: Information, Discussions, Questions and Results, One-Year Prescriptive Period for Online Libel: House Bill No.

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