It will be remembered as the top play in franchise history and one of the greatest in NFL postseason history. The Immaculate Reception, The Catch, The Helmet Catch, and many others made appearances. An all-time great quarterback had finally found his groove. On Jan. 12, 2013, the career course of Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens franchise changed on one desperation throw. That’s right.

At half time the score was 21-21. It was a special moment that gave Ravens fans pure joy. The 1982 Denver Broncos season was the team's 23rd year in professional football and its 13th with the National Football League (NFL). The Broncos played only nine games this season, owing to the strike imposed by the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). In a 2014 regular-season game, he couldn't connect with Brown on a 54-yard pass with 49 seconds left and Baltimore lost to the Colts, 20-13.

Hello @NFL did your little countdown thing forget that this happened or With less than a minute left in regulation and the game on the line, Flacco has attempted two passes that traveled at least 50 yards in the air. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Baltimore Ravens and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. In their 16-14 loss to the Titans, Denver showed life. Jan 12, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones (12) catches a touchdown in the fourth quarter under pressure from Denver Broncos safety Rahim Moore (26) in the fourth quarter during the AFC divisional round playoff game at Sports Authority Field.

The second half began with a kick return for a Broncos touchdown. With just 31 seconds remaining, Flacco hit Jacoby Jones for a miraculous 70 yard touchdown. Also, there are areas where the team needs to improve.

Do you know what did make the list? MHR's Godfather John Bena dubbed this game the Miracle at Arrowhead, and I'm totally cool to run with that.Here's how Broncos players reacted to Denver's insane 31-24 finish. Many people have focused on Rahim Moore letting Jones get behind him. Jones wasn't jammed at the line of scrimmage and had slipped behind cornerback Tony Carter and safety Rahim Moore. It quickly becomes easy to throw out the list altogether. By Keith Richards. After catching the ball at the 20-yard line, Jones had a clear path to the end zone. We are doing a post on each of our 20 favorite moments from the 20 years of Ravens football. "At that point," Flacco said after the game, "you have to start taking shots. In the frigidly thin Denver air, the Ravens had one of football’s finest battles. According to ESPN Stats & Information’s win probability model, Denver had a 97.2 percent chance of winning the game before that play. The Ravens did not flinch and scored the next 14 points. It wasn’t just Ravens fans who were upset on Twitter. But it is one of the 100 greatest plays in NFL history. Peyton Manning’s two touchdown passes were an intimidating sign. Even though the Broncos were rushing three players, Flacco had to step up into the pocket because of pass-rush pressure before spotting a wide-open receiver down the right sideline. It quickly became the biggest talking point online, once it became obvious the Mile High Miracle wasn’t going to come up eventually. The Broncos were the number one seed and were expected to stampede to the Super Bowl. • Scoreboard In 2013, he delivered a 66-yard deep ball amid strong wind gusts to Jones, who burned former Ravens safety Ed Reed for the score. It may have been the greatest football game anyone has ever seen. Baltimore Ravens: Is A Complete Roster Possible? Ravens haven't forgotten last year's loss vs. Chiefs, Mahomes vs. Jackson sure to bring fireworks.

The Baltimore Ravens proved every critic wrong with a miracle victory in the Mile High altitude against the Denver Broncos in the 2012 playoffs. The strange part is Flacco, who has one of the strongest arms in the NFL, has only attempted one such deep pass in the past two seasons. There was late-game drama: The Ravens trailed the Broncos by a touchdown (35-28) with 41 seconds remaining and no timeouts. There were high stakes: The winner advanced to the AFC championship game. Flacco threw a perfect touchdown pass to Smith with little time remaining in the first half. In the snow game of 2014, Flacco's 9-yard touchdown pass to Marlon Brown with four seconds remaining propelled Baltimore to a 29-26 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Looking back, the Mile High Miracle had everything you want in a historic play. A fumble recovery returned for a touchdown from the Patriots against the Jets. You won’t see many Jonathan Ogden pancake blocks or Ray Lewis form tackles on typical highlight reels. At least, according to just about everyone besides the NFL. The Ravens proved the world wrong, on their way to a Super Bowl championship. Leaving it off a Top 100 list is indefensible enough in a vacuum, but when you see the types of jokes they included? Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. "This is the problem," Gordon said.

His best throw, however, wasn't his easiest one. One Ravens play actually did make the list, with Ed Reed’s record-setting 108-yard interception return for a touchdown showing up in the back half of the Top 100. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. 99: @Patriots return fumble for TD (Nov. 22, 2012) #NFL100: NFL 100 Greatest Plays on @NFLNetwork • 2017 schedule, results • Standings, • Statistics It took two overtime periods but the Ravens ended up victorious. The Mile High Miracle isn’t the best, most creative moniker in the world. Flacco has two touchdowns on passes that have gone at least 50 yards in the air.

The Broncos struck first with a Trindon Holliday punt return for a touchdown.

Follow Mile High Report online: ... took to Twitter and social media to react to the news. It was a heavyweight fight all the way until the end. It was a 54-yard strike to Mike Wallace last season in Oakland.

It was a disastrous start to a half that would have a triumphant finish. "You try to find and justify a reason for shooting a man seven times in the back. Looking back, the Mile High Miracle had everything you want in a historic play.

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