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That number is permanently associated to the hull, so it would never change regardless of a change in the ships name, owner or flag. Type at least three characters of the ship's name below.

3 votes. Questions have been raised, however, whether the MMSI can in practice totally fulfill that role.

A unique reference number is assigned to each ship for identification purposes. So it could happen if you are searching a vessel in the FleetMon vessel database by its IMO number that you find more than one entry because the vessel had different MMSI numbers in the past. If the ship is fitted with an Inmarsat B, C or M ship earth station, or it is expected to be so equipped in the foreseeable future, then the identity should have three trailing zeros: If the ship is fitted with an Inmarsat C ship earth station, or it is expected to be so equipped in the foreseeable future, then the identity could have one trailing zero: If the ship is fitted with an Inmarsat A ship earth station, or has satellite equipment other than Inmarsat, then the identity needs no trailing zero. It is programmed into all AIS systems and VHF electronics on board of the vessel and provides an internationally standardized number for contacting the vessel.

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Then the MMSI will change as well because the vessel needs another MID. Find locations of ports and ships using the near Real Time ships map.

MarineTraffic Live Ships Map. The MMSI number (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) is a unique nine-digit number for identifying a ship. Search for popular ships globally. The problem exists with Inmarsat-equipped ships because ITU-T recommendations require that Inmarsat ship earth stations be assigned the identity (MESIN) TMIDxxxYY, where T indicates the type of Inmarsat station, YY indicates the Inmarsat station extension (e.g. For example, a country having 10,000 Inmarsat-equipped ships would require 10 MIDs just to accommodate those 10,000 ships.

All nine digits of the MMSI can be used in such cases, and no longer need to end in trailing zeros. Digital radio identification code for marine stations. The first three digits are called MID (Maritime Identification Digits) and representing the nationality (see the ITU Table of Maritime Identification Digits: National Telecommunications and Information Administration, International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO), "M.585 : Assignment and use of identities in the maritime mobile service", "Recommendation ITU-R M.585-8 (10/2019): Assignment and use of identities in the maritime mobile service", "Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI)", "Liaison Statement to CIRM: Identities for AIS-SART, MOB and EPIRB-AIS",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Navigational aids and craft associated with a parent ship, 0 Ship group, coast station, or group of coast stations. In some cases, it is possible that the MMSI number of a vessel changes, e.g. Group ship station call identities for calling simultaneously more than one ship are formed as follows: where the first figure is zero, and X is any figure from 0 to 9. Where "yy" is a numeric ID assigned to a manufacturer, and "zzzz" is a sequence number chosen by that manufacturer.


Getting a Voluntary MMSI Confirm that you’re not required to obtain a ship station license.

Photos of COSCO SHIPPING DANUBE (MMSI: 477858800) Browse and rate photos uploaded by our community. Ships Directory Calling shore to ship . The initial digits of an MMSI categorize the identity, as defined in by Recommendation M.585. Type at least three characters of the ship's name below. The MMSI was meant to be an all-inclusive ship electronic identity, used in one form or another by every GMDSS or telecommunications instrument on the ship. View vessel details and ship photos. What is the Difference between IMO and MMSI Number? Ships Directory. Filter the results based on the photo properties. It was originally Shipping Affairs Division which was later made into a Tokyo-based independent unit to manage their liners technically.

Discover information and vessel positions for vessels around the world. This number is assigned to a vessel not to an individual by the appropriate authorities in the country of registration of the vessel. Arrivals / Departures / Activity / Sea Changes Group coast station call identities for calling simultaneously more than one coast station have the same format as individual coast station IDs: two leading zeros, the MID, and the four digits.

"00" might indicate a telephone in the bridge, "01" might indicate a fax machine in the radio room, etc.

The World Radio Conference, Geneva, 1997 (WRC-97), adopted Resolution 344 concerning the exhaustion of the maritime mobile service identity resource.

The digitals represented by the two Y characters are assigned by the International Association for Marine Electronics Companies and refer to the SART manufacturer, while the Xs are sequential digits assigned by the manufacturer identifying the SART.

The devices that use these MMSIs may be located in lifeboats, life-rafts, rescue-boats, etc. Coast station identities are formed as follows: where the first two figures are zeros, and X is any figure from 0 to 9.

Non-federal MMSIs are assigned by the Federal Communications Commission normally as part of the ship station license application, and are formed as 366xxx000 for ships on international voyages and ships needing an Inmarsat mobile earth station, or 366xxxxx0 for all other ships.

MMSIs are regulated and managed internationally by the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva, Switzerland, just as radio call signs are regulated. ), and MIDxxx indicates the ship station number, which relates to the assigned ship station identity MIDxxx000. The IMO number is part of the static AIS information provided by the vessels crew and can be transmitted additionally. This number is assigned to a vessel not to an individual by the appropriate authorities in the country of registration of the vessel.

Because all ships on international voyages, as well as all ships fitted with an Inmarsat B or M ship earth station, are assigned MMSIs of the format MIDxxx000, a serious problem has arisen internationally in assigning sufficient numbers of MIDs to all administrations that need them.

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