My gut feeling is that the Taurus line-up works better right now, and they are much better looking guns. These high caliber handguns sit on the hip and in the jeeps of guides all across Africa, who know what it takes to dissuade a charging wild animal from taking bite-sized chunks out the tourists. Large rifle primers start ignition and bullet weights range from 370- to 440-grains.

Now? It’s a rimmed and tapered rifle cartridge that has a case length of 2.105 inches and uses a large rifle primer. Inevitably you can order small calibers too, next time…. It’s machined from shiny stainless steel and it’s a weapon before you even load it.

Your gun will be more powerful, so you will win….

With a diameter of 1.92”, the five-shot cylinder is plenty big enough.

Still, this is probably the most powerful gun for the mass market and it’s pretty much the biggest thing you probably want to shoot on the regular.

If you don’t  want to take on big game, maybe you can opt for the six-inch barrel instead.

The final load is a little intimidating, even to a seasoned magnum handgunner.

It’s a gun for the African plains and it might be able to take out a bear, too. There is a S&W Performance Center hunter with an even longer balanced barrel shroud and it really is something…, There is basically a form package for you, from the 8.6 inch barrel S&W 500, the 6.5-inch barrrel or the 2.5-inch barrel that almost turns it from an old-school hunting handgun into a concealed carry pistol. That perceived power play didn’t sit well with the employees at S&W, which formerly held the crown—particularly with its Handgun Production Manager Herb Belin, who has been a driving force in many of S&W’s more recent technological advances. Ruger originally introduced a Super Redhawk chambered to fire the .480 Ruger cartridge—a shortened version of the .475 Linebaugh cartridge—in 2003. After the 2002 SHOT Show, Belin decided that S&W needed to regain the power title and contacted Peter Pi at Cor-Bon—an ammunition maker known for pushing cartridges’ limits—and asked Pi to get back with him if he thought it could be done.

It’s a belted, tapered rifle cartridge the measures 2.5 inches long. In addition, it also features a small cocking lever on the left side of the gun, and it loads through a scissor breach in the back of the gun. It launches .458-caliber bullets with weights that range from 300 grains (muzzle velocity of 2,069 fps and muzzle energy of 2,852 ft/lbs) to 405 grains (1,394 fps and 1,748 ft/lbs).

Case length is 1.625 inches, it uses large rifle primers and launches .500-caliber bullets.

Pi overnighted them to Belin, and Belin said “yes.”While Cor-Bon got to work on load development, Belin put S&W engineers to work designing the cylinder. Lots more. Right there! The .454 claimed that title with its introduction in 1957, 14 years before “Dirty Harry“ hit the silver screen—in December 1971.

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