If you are on a budget this might be one of the best artificial Christmas trees for the UK market. There’s also the task of how you get it back into the box – the wrestle is never an easy one. Its LED lights are warm white, which is the cosiest plain colour around, and they have eight different pattern settings ranging from static to chasing and twinkle. The pine cones are real, which is a nice touch, and though the frosted tips might not be to everyone's taste they aren't quite as garish as some. This bright pink tree certainly ticks that box. ‘It’s very polluting both because of the energy and resources used to make it, and if it’s burnt at the end of its life.’. The beauty of buying a tree with the lights already on is firstly the saving – as there’s no need to buy extra lights. Buy now: Artificial 6ft Ullswater Christmas Tree, £149, Dobbies. ‘And use it for as long as possible — not just as a fashion fad. ‘Choose one with a big pot, to make sure roots are established, which will keep it going.’. Once assembled it’s sturdy enough to withstand a gentle push and not falter.

It also features an instant lock stand, meaning there are no bolts to be lost over the years. The 4ft tree starts from £34.99, making this half design even more of a bargain. This tree is simply stunning.

One of the benefits of buying an artificial tree is keeping it long-term. While you won’t get that lovely scent of pine filling your room, a faux Christmas tree does offer a few perks over a real one.

This leads to a tatty looking tree in December. While more plastic is needed for it than a scrawnier polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tree, it’s a safer choice.

If it is used for eight years, it is better than a real tree that is burnt. ‘Pick an organic one approved by the Soil Association, grown without harmful pesticides.’. Also bear in mind that the taller the tree, the wider it is likely to be (with some exceptions), so you should also assess the floor space, making sure your tree won’t be squashed up against a sofa or the branches don’t take over your TV screen.

You’re not alone, as today is Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day. While the base has bolts to keep the main pole in place, the second pole section merely slots in – there is no extra securing element in place. Measuring six foot high, this is a good size for most homes as it won’t overcrowd the room or scrape the ceiling of a standard sized sitting room. Setting the scene for a white Christmas, whatever the weather, it’s almost as if designers have said ‘you know what, if we know it’s not real let’s embrace that and make it more dreamy than that of a real tree’. So he decided to create his own. The manufacturer says this tree is good for indoor and outdoor use, too. These are neatly attached with a fine wire, making them sit comfortably. The perfect Instagram photo does not materialise because no-one is speaking. Nothing signals Christmas is here quite like the tradition of decorating the tree.Whether real or faux, the experience of putting up the tree is a magical one for many an excitable family. Whatever your style, we’ve got it covered with our pick of the best artificial Christmas trees for 2020. The wooden-slot together tree was originally designed for shop windows. If you invest in a real tree, which still has its roots, it can be replanted in your garden or in a larger pot. If you want a more subtle hint of scent you can hang pine cones interspersed on the inner branches, attaching them using green gardening twine.

You will need to fluff your artificial tree. 7 Foot Pre-Lit Victorian Christmas Tree. If you find your eyes are watering, or you’re sneezing and itching at home then it’s time to try an artificial tree. Modelled on a Fraser Fir, the Ridgedale is, in our opinion, the finest looking fake Christmas tree on the market by a long shot. We like how the branches of this pretty pre-lit Christmas tree are pointed towards the base, as if the weight of the snow is pulling them down. Experts say you’ll need 100 lights per foot of the tree – so six-footers should have around 600 lights.

In reality, it turns into a bun fight. The statuesque 7ft height gives this tree real presence. Have one big tree is a must at Christmas but sometimes one or two mini trees are a great way to add some extra festive-spirit to your home.

The bottom tier has a formation of nine; eight; eight and six to offer well-spaced and thoroughly covered branches that mimic real fir.

The top branch requires folding in half in order to comfortably support a tree topper. ‘Gold has always been popular at Christmas but we really wanted to up the glamour for Christmas 2020 and the Art Nouveau theme lent itself to this perfectly.’. 'Jute, a vegetable-based fibre, is more environmentally friendly than cotton but it tends to have travelled a long way from where it was produced,’ says Emma, Birch Christmas Tree Hanger, £14.99, lights4fun.co.uk. With the trend for warm neutrals for decorating homes, this tree is our on-trend colour choice for Christmas 2020. READ NEXT: The best advent calendars for this Christmas.

Seven million real trees are bought every Christmas in the UK, and as well as considerations such as where they’re grown and the energy used to ship them, what happens to them when we chuck them out can make a big difference to their carbon footprint.

Short on space?

Carols, mulled wine, and unlimited chocolate orange segments.

It looks cat proof too.

For an easy setup, this tree comes in three sections that slot together easily and also includes a metal stand for a secure finish.

Better still, it's super affordable, meaning that you can decorate the entire house with little Christmas trees – if you want. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

We're also big fans of the snowy design on this one.

Even if you do buy one that doesn't look totally authentic, they can still be absolutely beautiful if you choose the right one.

They measure 12.5cms long and 0.4cms wide ensuring it looks nice and full too. Where full-sized would be overwhelming, this quirky half-tree design is perfect.

There are 1100 tips which is a good number on an artificial tree.

Of course, there’s the original box the tree came in. And added bonus, it’s not just for Christmas – you could this one out all year round if you so wished.

Continuing the ‘easy’ theme this tree is pre-lit with 500 LED lights that use less power and are tougher than standard lights. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Just because they’re artificial doesn’t mean they have to look fake – some of today’s artificial Christmas trees look so authentic that you need to get right up close and actually touch the branches before you can tell they’re not real.

You might think that real trees are better for the environment, but not necessarily so. The White Company goes to great lengths to achieve the most natural shade of green and the most realistic look of fir.

It will sit flush, unless you have skirting boards (as we did), which makes it sit slightly forwards.

If you have an oddly-shaped corner or need some room on the stairs, bend the branches to fit. This is a fabulous design if you’re looking for a space-saving solution to Christmas decorating.

The best artificial Christmas trees should fit around six inches shorter than the ceiling.

You can pick up a budget tree under £50, from the likes of IKEA and Dunelm, that will do the job perfectly.

Combined with the more tinsel-like branches, which are there more to add density nearer to the middle.

Lots of lights will hold on the thick branches, or fewer lights and more baubles depending on your taste. The best word to initially describe this tree is dense. It’s not cheap at all, we acknowledge that entirely, but it is in a completely different league when it come to artificial trees to keep for life.

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