]Nr^f#�%i�(��E���-��ax��y�-�g��`�9 �0�]���&�AD��� 8�>��\�`��\��f���x_�?W�� ^���a-+�M��w��j�3z�C�a"�C�\�W0�#�]dQ����^)6=��2D�e҆4b.e�TD���Ԧ��*}��Lq��ٮAܦH�ءm��c0ϑ|��xp�.8�g.,���)�����,��Z��m> �� PK ! People you have connected with can be found in your My Connections list. The CLP helps us create a Learning and Performance Ecosystem with: The Common Learning Portal. To learn more about the Common Learning Portal, check out this short video. The national parks have always been viewed as unique classrooms. Practical resources that foster the enhancement of teaching and learning. K�=� 7 ppt/slides/_rels/slide7.xml.rels�Ͻ A semester commitment protects in-person class sizes and cohorts, distancing protocols, and allows for adequate planning and preparation. You are now leaving the Common Learning Portal website.

In this resource, new employees can find opportunities for personal and professional development opportunities. If you still have questions about the CLP, you can always Contact Us or email clp@nps.gov.

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Place-based It reminds us that learning is way more than words on a page. Discover new people to connect with on the CLP. Our website provides many online resources for quick reference and independent learning.

Updated February 23, 2018January 30, 2020 | ��M�9�������B`U�OBݢ �6���s�~�l�,l$j4'�� #h^ט)�4O�� sw�t�d�#.��8�&CZuYŎ;�]W�Y�N����,�b�*S�����E��t◐ Wq^.�$�j��lJu��S���`+�Em.�h� �f�3�ފ��Xpޯ��W�@��9/���Jz��-&��\2�v��)W����ryc�q�h��h��������6���s�n��(���}Ӗ& �)�[#� ~c�����������jp�׃Lƃ (��vu�q������~%!���/T���_�Z�7"�.�+n�}�-风�G��+����&a7�˔&��1�I�qLi�|S��ǔ��cJS�1�)��qL�J�H�!o�VV���{����s=-�����^r����齏襣�ᑨ�����s��^:���eo� �� PK ! News & Events. Put the following numbers in order from least to greatest: 2/3, 48%, 0.11, 109% 6.

Discover new people to connect with on the CLP.

Teaching & Learning Resources. provides new content and skills from the school division’s curriculum for all grade levels and subjects following the established pacing guides for each subject. Any time, any place = NPS Distance Learning.

K�=� 7 ppt/slides/_rels/slide9.xml.rels�Ͻ

News about educational programs and resources. G4�l��l%0{��${��X�2���Ǩn����aA�f��%C?Nת:��h;��{�6nɍ{� �F������ They gain new respect for the river.

Interactive informal learning activities. Distance Learning. Find online and classroom learning opportunites here. Read all about it! Even the finest Ansel Adams photograph can’t take the place of standing at Inspiration Point and gazing out at Yosemite Valley on a misty morning. Our capabilities include the development of DL information technology infrastructure, self-paced online courseware, DL instructional design, and support of various technologies used for distance learning. View answers to Frequently Asked Questions, discuss your questions with colleagues in The Commons, or contact a site administrator. �� Interactive informal learning activities.

To support our modern NPS workforce, “training” is not enough. The hub of collaborative knowledge building for the NPS workforce. K�=� 7 ppt/slides/_rels/slide8.xml.rels�Ͻ

The NPS Learning in Place Plan. Are you an employee, volunteer, or partner in the NPS workforce? The hub of collaborative knowledge building for the NPS workforce. Are you an employee, volunteer, or partner in the NPS workforce? Section 508 and Accessibility Best Practices, This post provides guidance and best practices on how to create & maintain accessible content as required in Section 508…, NPS Fundamentals: Resources for New Employees.

Classroom support contact information: ITACS: AudioVis@nps.edu, 831-656-2035 GEAC: TLC@nps… Do you want to continue? ... NPS Academics Page has quicklinks to items such: academic catalog, academic calendar, student information handbook, NPS accreditation, request transcripts, academic policy, faculty directory and more.

It’s mud and cold.

Q��z�@xʵ٘#�n"]�`~1A��ns�)�sl����Ǎ���*����Q$8�Jƹ�X���� ��z������:�jL���l���$n�A�e8��~i��V�!�7�� �+M�� TG��|��(�Yu+7ݪk;�O �m�� Just-In-Time learning resources like checklists, instructional articles, and how-to videos. :b�yQڗak�h�e�U���V���EWN��X�v�○D�Ԉ8O��R5����[�~/T-�-Z�m9�u�����- �;^ ��b�Bt �Pk�ɶ��χ)�u��nԇwQL�x1.�"JK?

�0�]���&�AD��� 8�>��\�`��\��f���x_�?W�� ^���a-+�M��w��j�3z�C�a"�C�\�W0�#�]dQ����^)6=��2D�e҆4b.e�TD���Ԧ��*}��Lq��ٮAܦH�ءm��c0ϑ|��xp�.8�g.,���)�����,��Z��m> �� PK !

�0�]���&�AD��� 8�>��\�`��\��f���x_�?W�� ^���a-+�M��w��j�3z�C�a"�C�\�W0�#�]dQ����^)6=��2D�e҆4b.e�TD���Ԧ��*}��Lq��ٮAܦH�ءm��c0ϑ|��xp�.8�g.,���)�����,��Z��m> �� PK ! Take a look at how your peers and colleagues have leveraged the CLP to learn the many ways the CLP can help you succeed: The community is forming and we’re glad you’re here.

It’s all these sensory dimensions in the real world we’re part of. Groups you have subscribed to can be found in your My Groups list.

Arrange the following numbers in descending order: 50%, 1/3, 0.3, 0.87 7. Just-In-Time learning resources like checklists, instructional articles, and how-to videos. u�-�� � ppt/slides/slide2.xml�V[n�6�/�=��"[���D�UH3�8� ��%����O������^R���3H����\������U�I1��=QAd�D>�ܥ��C�`�a.�y����?��j�!�-�ϼ˜j����BVT@�F��Ty�)���%�^/J̄��Wo�/7F�B����4A�� r]�JwѪ�D����~����l��;E����ϪZU��u��nb��C��/h;�a�S�\%x6=�xz�Q�-���y����l�7�4���J�Ogƒbyft�-. Visit NPS Academics. K�=� 7 ppt/slides/_rels/slide4.xml.rels�Ͻ kn�) [Content_Types].xml �(� ̘K��0��H|��WԸ]`YP�=�8�X�EګI���/�Ӳ���I[�*�iqM�T�=���LFW$s�TńVP� 8r={�dz�1�2�\A��� ��\�d.���k+��]P�ʟl�b Groups you have subscribed to can be found in your My Groups list. PK !

Discover and subscribe to groups of interest.

If so, the Common Learning Portal (CLP) is your one stop shop for educational resources to help you improve your performance.

Watch the audio described version of the CLP video, or read the transcript. G�� u _rels/.rels �(� ���J�0���!�~��z@dӽa�D��ɴ�6��쾽��P��^f柏o��l��0&������ڸV��~u�Y"pz�P�#&���϶���ԙ�X��$yGn�H�C��]�4>Z�|���^�E�)�k�3x5a���g�1����"��|�U�y:�ɻ�b�$���!�Ә(2��y��i����Ϩ|�����OB���1 K�=� 7 ppt/slides/_rels/slide5.xml.rels�Ͻ We support Distance Learning (DL) for the NPS workforce. This statistics dashboard provides a real-time overview of user engagement, activity, and overall system health. Get a high-level view of everything happening across the CLP from new courses published, to new members who have joined, to new groups that have been created.

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