– that will accept that insurance as a form of payment. On May 2019, SEARLE announced that it is acquiring OBS Pakistan Ltd. OBS is a strategic pharmaceutical organization with its brands already established in Pakistan. SAMI – website https://www.samipharmapk.com/ Key person: Mr Shamim Ahmed –Chairman. MARTIN-DOW – website https://martindow.com/ Key person: Mr Javed Mohammad – MD & CEO. According to Profit’s analysis of data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) and the federal finance ministry, the federal and provincial governments’ combined spending on healthcare accounted for about 35.7% of total spending on healthcare in Pakistan in fiscal year 2019. If Dawaai was able to gain enough volumes to become big enough to deal directly with manufacturers and distributors, and then sell the product directly to consumers, it would be able to cut out the retailers and wholesalers in the supply chain, creating a 15-18% gross margin for itself to begin with, and one that could grow as it continued to disintermediate even the distributors. Geographical position1.2. SEARLE – https://searlecompany.com/ share price 169.76 as on Mar 19, 2020, 6:08 pm https://dps.psx.com.pk/company/SEARL. GSK is a leader in the important area of vaccines and is developing new treatments for cancer. Perhaps we should clarify: it is not one, but two simultaneous revolutions taking place in the country’s healthcare sector, one driven by a rare government policy success in expanding access to healthcare insurance to the nation’s low-income population, and the other driven by the advent of technology and venture capital-backed startups seeking to improve supply chain efficiency in the healthcare space. HILTON – website https://hiltonpharma.com/ – Key Person: Mr Muhammad Yasin Malik – Chairman. An aging population with growing obesity numbers will always need some kind of medication, and the tough regulatory framework ensures the market isn’t disturbed too soon. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Further, the report analyses pharmaceutical industry in the country by identifying key market players, (including major producers, traders, etc), as well by evaluating foreign economic relations within the sector in the recent three years. Tax system3.7. Yes, the government maintains public sector hospitals that provide free or very low cost healthcare to anyone, but those facilities tend to be overcrowded – and their staff underpaid and overworked – resulting in a poor quality of care offered. “An indirect benefit to the pharmaceutical industry could be that despite the fact that the cards do not cover drugs purchased for out-patients, the mere fact that individuals would be able to access healthcare and free treatment, they would be more likely to use the money they saved on buying the drugs they need,” said the minister, in an interview with Profit. Copyright © 2020. We categorize the Top Ten Highest profit-making Pharmaceuticals in Pakistan according to their growth in the Pharma sector. In short, this change is likely to be a positive for just about every single participant in the healthcare sector, and likely every segment of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hard Copy Mail Delivery (+US$ 190.00).

So the way insurance works is to take the probability of any single individual needing expensive healthcare costs and multiplying it by the expected expense. There is a big revolution is underway in Pakistan’s healthcare sector, one that is about to dramatically change not just the sector, but its relative size in the economy. ABBOTT is making a difference in over 150 countries with 99,000 employees working around the world to make a lasting impact on health. The Drug Regulatory Department of Pakistan works under the NHS&R (Ministry of National Health Service and Regulations) assured to establish a separate desk to address issues related to the Pharma Exporters of Pakistan. Dawaai currently has six warehouses, all of which are rented, in four cities across Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan. Pakistan’s cold-chain infrastructure, while improving, is still nowhere near as extensive as it needs to be. Fundamentally, insurance is a means of spreading the risks of low-probability events. How, and how much, Pakistanis use the country’s healthcare system, and who pays for it, are all about to change. All Rights Reserved. In May 2020, pharmaceutical sales grew 9 per cent y-o-y to Rs 10,342 crore (US$ 1.47 billion). And given the government’s tight regulations of pharmaceutical prices, the way to squeeze efficiencies out of the system would be – as with just about any retail-facing industry in Pakistan – would be to attack the supply chain. The first amino-acid was launched by HILTON as ‘L-Lysine’ in 1972. In order to be successful, however, Dawaai will have to ensure that it invests in developing a better infrastructure than its competitors, a strategic imperative that might be in conflict with the company’s current ‘asset-light’ business model, which involves rented facilities rather that wholly owned ones. ‘Through improved exports of pharmaceutical and alternative medicine, it is the Sixth largest sector contributing to the overall exports of Pakistan’. GSK has two main business divisions, Pharmaceuticals & Consumer-Healthcare. And given the government’s tight regulations of pharmaceutical prices, the way to squeeze efficiencies out of the system would be – as with just about any retail-facing industry in Pakistan – would be to attack the supply chain. pakistan economy news and analysis digest *Please note that Pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan: Business Report 2020 is a half ready publication. Rare, expensive drugs, in other words, are becoming increasingly available at (relatively) affordable prices to Pakistani consumers, if the adequate safety and anti-counterfeiting measures are taken. Lahore-based company has won the right to continue investing its paper mill even after Shandong Yongtai Paper Mills indicated that it wanted to exit the project, The chemical company is looking to invest in coal, even though the rest of the world is moving towards renewables, Executive Editor: Babar Nizami l Managing Editor: Yousaf Nizami l Managing Editor Magazine: Farooq Tirmizi I Assistant Editor: Asher John I Editor Multimedia: Umar Aziz I Op-ed Editor: M.A Niazi I Joint Editor: Aziz-ud-din Ahmad I Assistant News Editor (day): Mohammad Farooq How, and how much, Pakistan According to ABBOTT’s unaudited-interim report (2019), Sales increased by 3%, nutritional sales increased by 15%, whereas pharmaceutical sales decrease by 1% with a Gross Profit for the period was 28%. SAMI Pharma with its Head Office in PECHS, Karachi has a history 40 years of manufacturing excellence and it is Pakistan’s third largest Pharmaceutical with more than eighty distributors across the country. Who will benefit, and who might lose out, is the subject of this story. What both have in common is a coverage limit: the total amount of money per year that the insurance plan will pay to cover expenses. GSK produces medicines that treat major disease areas such as Asthma, anti-viral, infection, mental health, Diabetes, Cardiovascular and digestive conditions.

And it will come at a time when Pakistan’s pharmaceutical sector is increasingly part of the larger global pharmaceutical supply chain.

Dawaai is seeking to disrupt the Pakistani pharmaceutical industry estimated to be worth Rs477 billion as of 2020, according to data compiled by global healthcare data analytics company IQVIA. Coming as it did after a 15-year effective moratorium on drug price increases, that change was considered welcome by the industry. That was because the volume of orders at Dawaai had increased so much that it had trouble keeping pace. Related news bulletins update and add the finishing touch to an overview of economic situation in Pakistan. Home/Top 10/ Top 10 Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan 2020. Foreign relations 1.8. “That margin is just not enough… I suspect the wholesale stage of the supply chain is where counterfeiters are entering the market,” said Furquan, in an interview with Profit. A few years back, Pharma Industry was dominated by multinational companies (MNCs) in Pakistan but SAMI developed branded generics of the best quality. Each of these attacks a different segment of the healthcare sector in Pakistan.

Registration of ownership rights3.4. PAKISTAN ECONOMY NEWS AND ANALYSIS DIGEST. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical … Here is how the Sehat Insaf program works: for low-income Pakistanis – as identified in a variety of government surveys to document poverty and income levels – the government of Pakistan will provide a health insurance plan. But which segment of the supply chain is most vulnerable is an open question. Abbott has been dedicated to helping people in Pakistan live healthier lives through its nutritional products & diabetes devices. Getz received FPCC&I export Trophy for six consecutive years in the year 2012 and the second largest contributor to the national Exchequer in terms of taxes & duties. 3.2 billion to GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Pakistan Limited on account of products manufactured by the Company. Martin-Dow – ESC economically significant company – was established in 1995 as one of the largest healthcare groups in Pakistan and the top Pharma in the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi.

According to their growth rate, here are the Top ten Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan: The pharmaceutical business reflected a growth of 1.8% compared to the same period last year, which depicts the impact of the economic slowdown in the country.

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