Reverse osmosis purified water in the market ranges from PKR3 to PKR7.50 per liter, making PHL water, according to Acumen’s website, the cheapest in Pakistan.

Waiting to hear from you. it really encourage me to have my own. Water is filtered next and passes through dosing pump-III, where Antiscalant is added. There is therefore potential to expand upon the pure charity approach to also gain support for Acumen Fund’s model,” which takes the best of charity and the markets. One of these leaders is Benje Williams, who has been working on the ground in Lahore for Acumen investee Pharmagen Healthcare Limited.

This article focuses on Ground / Boring Water as source of water. One of the program’s major obstacles was the breakdown of communication and coordination among the myriad offices involved in providing technical assistance and in implementing the initiatives. A July 2009 report warns that in the coming years, climate change could drastically weaken monsoon rains on the subcontinent, affecting the more than one billion people who rely on the rainy season for agriculture and water supplies. how important it is for social enterprises to understand the nuanced need of their low-income customers, Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window).

Water Filters for sale in Lahore. I would like you to guide me through all the set up procedures, cost and other related useful info.

Solutions to providing clean, affordable water are arguably more complicated than providing other basic infrastructure needs. (Above: A Pharmagen storefront in Lahore. Efficient marketing & bulk supply to wholesalers. The technology is popular among regional, rural clean water initiatives, such as WaterHealth International (also an Acumen investee) and Safe Water Network—both of which operate largely in peri-urban and rural spaces. anyone who know this water purify plant then kindly aware and inform me Maintenance of quality and hygiene standards.

An increasing trend towards distributed models offers the opportunity to work more locally with communities, involving them in the solutions to ensure the projects meet their needs.

According to USAID, water and sanitation related diseases are responsible for 60% of the total number of child mortality cases in Pakistan, with diarrheal diseases killing over 200,000 children under-five years old every year. In India, the situation is similarly dire: the country’s capital city, Delhi, produces 3.6 billion tons of sewage every day, though less than half is effectively treated. Any water project that is to have lasting impact needs to approach the issue from a comprehensive perspective. And more recently, customers even have the option of home delivery: for an extra, 50 paisas more (half a cent per liter more), households can get a 19-gallon bottle delivered directly to their door via rickshaw. Only with this multi-layered commitment to solving the vast and complex water needs of cities around South Asia can the problem truly be solved for the long-term. It helps in maintenance of proper odor and taste of water. Despite the fanfare, the project, which had a budget of PKR7,871.74 million (~US$86.5 million), failed to meet its targets, resulting in an enormous waste of precious financial resources. These cities presents an opportunity for establishment of mineral water processing due to high population, less availability of clean drinking water in majority of areas and awareness of hygiene with respect to drinking water.

“Higher demand for water, increased pollution by humans and industry and the mismanagement of water is most of all impacting the poorest people in the country’s towns and cities,” said Sushmita Sengupta of a Delhi-based think-tank, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), in a 2010 article entitled “Urban Poor Suffer Water Crisis as Cities Grow.”. Sodeium di Hydrogen Carbonat 3.022 million.

A research paper that calls for the decentralization of the water sector in India says that this move will “facilitate participation and inter sectoral co-ordination, develop and operate water supply that is more responsive to the needs of the users and to engender a sense of ownership. I want to start a Soda Water Bottle in D.G.Khan. 021-34142348-9. i have recently start drinking water for plant 19 and have plan to 1.5 liter and 600ml.

Financial models that can cover maintenance costs are necessary for ensuring that regular upkeep of the technology is incorporated in business planning. These components can be Chinese, German, and Taiwanese & Italian with respect to the capital expenditure budget. Water, then passes through Reverse Osmosis module.

I want to purchase a purification water plant . Initially, we recommend resistivity or geological survey at particular plant location, which consists of four tests and will cost around Rs. this website provides sufficient knowledge to start a new business. . Customers come to the stores and bring their own container, which gets cleaned before filling.

Image credit: Searchlight South Asia). The capacity utilization during year one is worked out at 50% with 5 % increase in subsequent years up to the maximum capacity utilization of 90%. The total project cost for setting up a mineral water processing unit or an RO plant in Pakistan is estimated at Rs. Various cost and revenue related assumptions along with the analysis are outlined in this section. Your advise required, Plot#LS.77 Sector 11-I UP More Near Haroon Plaza Sindh Government Hospitali North Karachi Any suggestions? The legal business status of this project is proposed as a ‘Sole Proprietorship’. Water quality is then checked to WHO Standards, and affordably priced for low-income customers in Lahore. i want to say thansk. It also removes chlorine.

. According to PSQCA, there are around 2851 registered / licensed brands available in the market thus showing a substantial growth by the industry. “Poor connections combined with deteriorating low-quality sewer pipes regularly result in leakage and mixing with the water table, contaminating ground water with everything from lead, cyanides, mercury, solvents, hydrocarbon compounds, and hospital and pharmaceutical industry waste,” according to an article on Acumen Fund’s site, which highlights an innovative approach to combating this issue.

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