Example: He is one of those rare employees who has remained with the organization through thick and thin. Example: Federer drew the first blood by breaking Anderson’s service in the fourth game of the first set. Every language has its own idioms and expression and the English language has plenty of phrases that is useful to learn. While You Live, tell truth and shame the Devil!

Example: The situation came to a head when he passed a derogatory comment purportedly toward me. Red tape; Official or bureaucratic tasks, 15. Example: Solving such math problems is a piece of cake for me. If we want to talk about a very crowded environment, we can use this phrase. That’s why we have a number of euphemisms that refer to death or dying. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 11. 47. A Chip on Your ShoulderBeing angry about something that happened in the past; holding a grudge.​2. A Shot across the bow:  If you talk about firing a warning, we can use this phrase. Article related: 15 common English idioms and phrases with their meaning. In a nutshell, there are hundreds of common phrases and sayings on here to explore. Well, you’re crying for the moon. 1. 88. KEEP IMPROVING THE MORE IDIOMS IN THE INTELLECTUAL WAY. If you hit the nail on the head, you’re exactly right about something. D  [‘Decided not to speak to him’ is not an idiom] 6. A. If you cut corners, you save money or effort by finding cheaper or easier ways to do things. Example: Jessica wants to be a big fish in a small pond as the manager of a small company. An eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth. Example: Our scientists are breaking new ground in robotics and cancer research. Example: Her mother was very worried and thought of her at any time of the night. If he has promised to put in a word for you, he will. Thank you so much. Money talks: In a case, it means a statement stating that the money has more money. E.g. ‘Let the cat out of the bag’ – to accidentally reveal a secret. It helped me a great. The local people are _____ against the new immigration law passed by the government. Thanks so much, you’re right. A blessing in disguise. Be a Bundle of Nerves: Someone who is extremely nervous. Accusing someone of faults that you yourself have. An Arm and a LegSomething that’s very expensive; an idiom meaning the price having to be paid is costly. Through the years, great men and women have imprinted their wisdom on us by way of their wise words. Make a fresh beginning forgetting what happened, usually bad, in the past. A   6. Example: I learnt right off the bat that I need to build good rapport with the marketing team to do well in the organization. double check it under best of both worlds… if it’s part time work she’s with her kids 5 days …. This one is about ‘painting the town red.’ Now you can read up on its definition and check out its origin story. As you get into the first quiz, here is a hint for this and subsequent three quizzes: some of the multiple choices may not even be idioms (revisit definition of the idiom at the beginning of the post to know why) and therefore should be ruled out right at the outset. Example: Relations have not been great between the two countries, but it’s time to start from a clean slate. 89. 70. Example: Murali, the mystery bowler whom the opposite team has never played, is an ace up the home team’s sleeve. Example: His reason to get leave cut no ice with his manager. Old as the hills: some who is very old. “Pete thinks he’s so clever. Example: He is as stingy as her mother – a real chip off the old block. Learn about its meaning. Make someone do something by pressurizing them.

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