The texture is as soft as skin (but my skin is not so soft leh…). Lobster Cubes Ice pop Salted Fried broad beans / Fava Beans Apollo wafer chocolate From biscuit crackers and cookies to chips, crisps, nuts and beyond, you can count on us to house it all. For my family, it’s definitely fun to do some brainstorming together and work on this special feature. This weekend, munch on these snacks as we celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday. 40. The top supplying country or region is China, which supply 100% of pop firecracker respectively. Mamee Monster I prefer the other one though.

They provide us with the energy we need to survive and thrive, alleviate a foul mood, and inject a little dose of happiness into our everyday lives. 8. We not only bring you one of the best deals in Singapore, but we also make wholesale purchase an efficient, productive and seamless process for you. Sugar candy 9. Seedless Conserved Plum (Chen pi ying zi) My family, including my grandfather, aunties, uncle and myself, eats a lot of snacks. Yeah I remembered the sour plum sweet with edible paper and the wax wrapper has *** on it.

Old school cakes You are here: 32. Ken ken prepared cuttlefish 46. 50. happy national day! Money money all come to me~~. Thanks for the memories! My grandparents’ favourite. Always use your fireworks outside in a flat and open area(indoor fireworks except). Thanks for this article. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! 15 Best Mooncakes for the Most Wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival 2020! Happy Family Festival party Fireworks factory Children Color Fireworks JIFFY. 11. Bee bee snack Cream Crackers Last but not the least, this is my favourite amongst all. 35. We are a private scientific and technological enterprises specialized in technical firecrackers machinery. 28. Hold on, is the creator’s name really Ken? Soda biscuits! We love the sesame fragrance. Soft skin cake 水糕 Whether you are having a terrible day at work, suffering from a mood slump or simply need a mid-day pick-me-up, it is undeniable that your irresistible snack supplies have the power to bring forth an instant gratification and a profound sense of joy that one cannot describe. Never go back to see the fireworks once it has been lit. Sweet peanut candy 39. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I only eat the gem of the Aik Gems (hehehe).

It’s the Jubilee weekend, how is everyone doing? You will probably find this in many ladies’ handbags in the past.

Yes yes, that’s a reward when we hand in our homework on time. Not sure about you, I only eat these wafer chocolate during Children’s Day when our teachers always gift it to us. 45. Alot of names for it, we mostly call it 猪耳朵.

Rice cracker Can’r seem to locate them anymore…. Or called Mung Bean Cakes, this is a childhood dessert. With 4 years of experience as a journalist and producer, she has a wealth of experience in food writing, photography and styling. Right here, our wholesale community is driven by deeply rooted values. Kumquat Candy Sticks Chocolate fingers Produced in a factory where egg, nut, peanut and celery products are also handled. 7. Hacks 21. We have a perfect quality system and a professional inspection team to control the quality production. singapore 60's: andy's pop music influence is a personal music, memory trail. Egg pandan Deep fried with totally no lobster taste, but they are very addictive! 15. If you are interested in us ,Please Feel free to contact Ms Chen for more information ! Home » Blog » 50 Childhood Snacks Singaporeans Love – Munch On These Snacks As We Celebrate #SG50. Our parents hate it whenever we buy ice pops and says we will get a cough. Allergy Information: Contains Wheat, Soya, Sesame, Milk. When it comes to the bulk procurement of snacks in Singapore, there is truly no better platform than Direct Wholesale. Where is Ka Ka and Doraemon chocolate with toy?? **** Responsible and high-efficiency team to guarantee the requiring delivery time. This is really our ultimate childhood snacks. ABC biscuit Mochi (Ket Hong)

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Yummmmms! Satay ampai Please store in a cool and dry place.Ingredients:Wheat Flour, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Shortening (Palm Oil) (Contains Antioxidants (E304, E306, E322 they are uploaded for fun, educational, illustrative purposes and have been credited. Coke just release the Signature Mixers Batch No.01 Smokey which have a hint of taste of the Ling Mong tablet candy(24.). We source products from all over the world, putting niche and all-time favourite brands, as well as uncommon snacks at your fingertips. We may be eating more Tiramisu and Creme Brulee now, but we still love our old school cakes with colourful cream on top. 27. Product: Pop-Pan Spring Onion Crackers Weight Net: 225 g Made in : Hong Kong. 26. Sesame stick Yummmmms!

Let us all celebrate in jubilation!

Soda biscuits!

Munching can too, be guilt-free! Danhua cakes Smoking is not cool, but eating butter cigarette stick is cool. With a pink cover on top, these melt-in-your-mouth peanut cakes is so so good! Well, John Lewis have partnered with Fever Tree to make some delicious sounding Christmas crackers . 19. Addictive small balls, toddlers love it! Four days of holiday is so rare, I am spending time with my family, my friends and my bed! Pig ear biscuit / Butterfly Biscuits 25.

Always have to handle with care with the wafers are so fragile! Bangkok Banana Wasabi Flavor Banana Chips - Case. 195 Pearl Hill Café – Tiong Bahru Satay Man is now in Chinatown! 30. 6. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 16. Haw flakes Still a favourite till today, it’s a joy to munch these prawn crackers while watching TV. 31. 23. Chinese New Year must have! The cooperation of friends at all corners of the land will be highly appreciated. Munching can too, be guilt-free! We took a lot of effort to visit different mama shop and biscuit shops to collect them all. With Direct Wholesale, it is always a ‘Munchy Time’. Similar to the Chocolate sticks, just that this is the ball version. Haha! They have two versions, this is in stick, the other in square. 50. 14. The lim Mong tablets – oh how I love them. Of course, none of these go to wastage. Description:Garden Pop Pan Spring Onion Crackers 2 Packs Instruction For Use: Ready to eat. Not forgetting the tutu kueh too! My grandparents love it. Butter cigarette stick Born into a family of enthusiastic foodies, Maureen has always loved all things culinary, especially the local cuisine here in Singapore. Ingredients. Ais Gem Salted Fried broad beans / Fava Beans, 49. Peanut cakes

Snow white cakes

My aunties and uncles eat them during prayers. 22. Butter spongecakes My ah gong’s favourite, I can’t really bite. Track six is the most puzzling piece: The pops are lined so closely one to another that they form a delicate drone. 33.

We have this during prayers at the temple. We are also big on healthy and nutritional snacks that enable you to effortlessly dodge significant calories. From biscuit crackers and cookies to chips, crisps, nuts and beyond, you can count on us to house it all.

Anything with chocolate just makes a kid happy. Munch on, munch on…, 42. I eat them almost everyday still, dip the crackers into my cup of Milo. 20.

#ndp2015. What about you? 1. Liuyang Dream Fireworks Manufacturing Display Co., Ltd. Liling City Yovon Fireworks & Firecrackers Machine Factory, Salute Loud Fire Works Electronic Petard M1000 M80 Large Big Bomb fireworks type no powder electric. Subscribe to the Direct Wholesale newsletter to receive timely updates of your favorite products. blog is not sponsored in any way whatsoever. How ironic. White rabbit sweet Ken makes awesome cuttlefish – pungent and fishy, I like it! 5.

Wheel crackers HUAT AH! 47.

Hope you enjoyed our special feature on the 50 childhood snacks. 2. Pick your favourite fruit! Get your orders delivered to your doorstep within 72 hours today! Thanks for the article! Mai ya tang Eggy eggy cakes, soft and flaky. See them in some traditional Chinese bakeries too. Green bean cake 34. Steamed peanuts We like to find out. When our parents stopped us from eating maggi mee, we eat Mamee instead! #30 – the Mochi skin cakes are called Ket Hong. Track four presents an excerpt from one of the recording sessions; a "cracker" casually explains to Migone where to put his microphone to best capture his body music -- an example of the composer's deadpan humor. These candies may pair well with coke? inform blogger of copyright issues and post will be deleted immediately. Preserved papaya

4. Lollipop We took a lot of effort to visit different mama shop and biscuit shops to collect them all. Chocolate coin Yes another of my favourite, it is available in our house always! When it comes to the bulk procurement of snacks in Singapore, there is truly no better platform than Direct Wholesale. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Let matching verified suppliers find you. 37. Happy Go Nasi – Sengkang Residents Queue Up for Their Tasty Bee Hoon and Nasi Lemak, 50 Childhood Snacks Singaporeans Love – Munch On These Snacks As We Celebrate #SG50, 41. My mother always say, “eat already will 保平安!.”. If it’s not listed above, do share in the comment below. I only pick the pink ones. Thanks! Ling mong tablet

Best to pair with coffee, yes? We eat it only because the rabbit is cute. Candy floss One of which is to provide a variety of quality products, including snacks, at the best possible price. After knowing all the 26 alphabets, I only picked my name to eat. Super snap T8500s wholesale throwdown big bang firecrakers happy, Wholesale factory direct T8500 toy fireworks. Thank you so much for compiling these.

My 5 yr old son’s favorite and we buy them weekly from Gin Thye Cake maker. Fruit sweets Because they’re totally safe and won’t cause any physical harm, even if it explodes against the skin.

Seedless Conserved Plum (Chen pi ying zi). 10.

It’s fun to eat this biscuit while learning ABC. ), Pratunam Famous Thai Chicken & Pork Leg Rice – Geylang Coffeeshop Stall Sells Jay Fai-Inspired Crab Meat Omelette, Tai Seng Food Guide – 29 Hidden Food Gems in Tai Seng / Ubi / Macpherson, 10 Places in Singapore That Serve Superb Fried Chicken, Yi Zi Wei 6-In-1 Buffet – Enjoy BBQ, Steamboat, Korean Army Stew, Mala Soup, Mala Xiang Guo and Lok Lok Under One Roof, 27 Local Breakfast in the East That’s Better Than Brunch, MISS TAM CHIAK | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | © 2018, Why We Love Nespresso’s New Vertuo Coffee Machine.

It’s actually not so much about the taste, but more from the enjoyment of watching the uncle making candy floss, no? 24. I like this and I always link this to the plaits on my hair.

43. Learn how your comment data is processed. We are also big on healthy and nutritional snacks that enable you to effortlessly dodge significant calories.

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