Age: Five years old. The first one, she used to help The Powerpuff Girls take down some bank robbers, but due to the costume being so elaborate, she messed them up and let the burglars get away, as well as getting herself tied to a bomb. He is incredibly smart and has well knowledge and intelligence. On the night of the funeral he was put on the outbound Limited. He eventually became foreman in the rolling mill, married Mrs. Warbucks, worked and planned for a family and house of their own. : Princess. Superfriends (on screen)The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! He is the hc (headcanon) version of the canon Jack from Xiaolin Showdown. Fusion Lairs Fusion Mandark's Lair However, he does not do this, presumably to give her a "time out" for causing crime. Name: Princess Morbucks What is she usually called in canon? She is subject to violent temper tantrums when she wants something. He was knighted by the Queen of the United Kingdom later in life. - for more info about their personality, think of 'princess morbucks' from PFG , 'dalra dimple' from cats don't dance or 'cozy glow' from MLP--- her dad is a filthy rich poodle while her mom is a poodle reptile mix, her being a chimereon must have something to do with … On his return, he was smitten with Annie and, as her father-figure, offered the girl support as needed. Lieutenant General Sir Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks is a fictional character from the comic strip Little Orphan Annie. PrincessCallyie Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community.

Princess Morbucks' Dad. Then on June 7, 1905 when he was 11 years old, his mother died at age 30, of typhoid. His early youth in Supine involved cornering all the marbles in town at age nine, serving as a messenger for the telegraph company, having a girlfriend named Millie, fishing, swimming and raiding melon patches with Spike Spangle and beating up the son of the banker who planned to foreclose on his mother's house. Jack is a freelance inventor who used to go hunt for Shen Gong Wu and fight the Xiaolin Guardians in his younger days. His family background and lack of prep school education kept him from entering a fraternity in his youth. Also, whenever Princess gets busted for a crime, she gets sent to j… It's most likely Princess Morbucks' dad had hired workers to build towers for his spoiled little brat.

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How...Who Cares? His face is never seen throughout the entire series, and he never has any speaking roles. He has a rivalry with Oppressor Plutonium, the father-figure of The Powerpunk Girls. In "Bought and Scold", Daddy bought Townsville for Princess, by bribing The Mayor with a ton of candy, since no amount of money was high enough for him. While, in the strip, Warbucks would interact with the rich and powerful, the close relationship in the play and movie between Warbucks and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) would likely have been anathema to Gray, who opposed the New Deal policies of FDR and the Democrats. Even the toughest kids aren't tough enough to stand up to that!

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