This is a list of currently known characters in the animated series Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. In the OK K.O.! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We couldn't call it awesome if it wasn't. He has festro's initial on his chest. Although he has all of these Tatoos on his back. Slog • Like most main characters of TV shows, Festro does the most talking of all of the characters.

The only thing different is cyber festro is robotic battle tank But instead of strings of hair like festor he has strings of antennas And speaks in a mechanical voice. Please note it is incomplete. She has one eye on her head similar to Mr. Krab's eyes and she is red.

Greenblatt looked through one of his pitch bibles that he left at the studio.[6]. Dave Tennant, Fred Belford, Pete Browngardt, and David P. Smith. [13], Many critics were complimentary in regards to the series' art style. He rarely takes responsibility for any of his actions and is usually taking advantage of his friends. Wikis. When Gweelok wishes that Jerry, the Goblin King, would come take his annoying friends away, he realizes how much he misses them and has to enter the twisted world of the, Brett Varon, Greg Miller, and Chris Reccardi. Their leader, a purple, tusked creature named Festro (voiced by Peter Browngardt), is a macho party animal willing to do anything to help out his group, even when his help is less than desired. [12] Following the premiere of the eighth episode of the season on February 17, 2012, the show was pulled from broadcast.

Media:Example.ogg, Festro: the Main monster and leader of the group he is purple with two large razor sharp fangs on his bottom jaw. Gweelok (voiced by Paul Rugg), an acned green ball, has a demanding attitude and an obsession with technology. The Fart (voiced by Pat Duke), a monster made of buttocks who flatulates when touched—is the most sensitive and levelheaded of the group.

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When Festro's favourite chair is destroyed, he tries to find out who did it. Every time the Disgustoids have a party, Slog turns into "Party Slog" which annoys the bros, but when trouble strikes they need him to do so. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? The Fart is elected as the Disgustoids' new leader when everyone tires of being bossed around by Festro. He later appears as one of Ben 10's transformations to defeat Strike himself. The monsters are the creatures Uncle Grandpa had to battle in the Cartoonstitute short. She is an antagonist to to disgustoids and her first apperance was when she was trying to take over Secret mountain Fort Awesome and steal all of their money and prized possesions and virtually everything they had fortunately thanks to the brains of Festro she was stopped and still did bad things to people later on. He also has strings of hair like dingle and kind of resembles a walrus. He also has two little teeth. The Disgustoids discover that their newly repaired Megavision has the ability to see into the future. The Uncle Grandpa short that Browngardt had produced was eventually adapted as a full series of the same name, which he felt was a more lighthearted adaptation for children.

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