Mermaids are also of fickle nature, sometimes helping, sometimes drowning. Because, if we're being honest, is there anything that beats a quality cup of coffee on those mornings when all we wanted to do is roll over and go back to sleep?

It’s a Germanic shapeshifting water spirit. Mermaids were often depicted as beautiful innocent women who married human men, or evil sea monsters who lured men into the depths of the sea. Girls with this name tend to be inspirational and visionary. Marinella or Rina in Italy, Ina in Germany, Marna in Denmark or Marinka in Croatia. A water spirit of a particular river might appear as a maiden whereas another might be a dragon. Ceto is an introverted and thoughtful girl. Notable ladies with this name include the French swimmer Coralie Balmy, the musician Coralie Clement and politician Coralie Dubost. This is a hugely popular name, last ranked at number 202, meaning that around 940 babies per million born are given this name.

Evil nature: depending on what myth you read about mermaids, they weren’t always evil. Some caffeine lovers, though, are extra particular when it comes to their beloved beverage. 1. Cute for a baby but also modern for an adult, this makes a lovely choice for your little mermaid. They were no more gods, but spirits … Both are usually depicted as impossibly beautiful women, so beautiful that men often find themselves completely and utterly entranced by them. The Latin word for mermaid is ‘syreni’ and this translates as ‘sirena’ in Italian and ‘Sirene’ in French. As well as being a dishwashing detergent, Cascade Brown is an English actress and Cascada is also a highly successful German music act.

They love socialising and being creative but are not always very good at handling money. We are getting right back to mermaid basics with this one, as Aqua is the Latin word for water. The area they inhabit divines their classification. Most famous examples are Assyrian goddess Astarte, Greek Aphrodite, and African Mami Wata. Mermaids are known as beautiful aquatic creatures that used their voices to enchant sailors and fall in love with them. It's all about being intuitive and finding a balance. It’s a Germanic shapeshifting water spirit. Siren name generator . Charming and rare, this name is a beautiful choice for any little girl. Snuggle up and get cozy with these new Netflix TV shows and movies as they rid out the old ones. They hold very strong views and try to get others to follow their higher cause. Only recently have they been depicted as having fish-like appendages. If you're a first-time voter or voting by mail for the first time, we want to hear your story. The difference between a mermaid and a siren is that sirens, Thelxiepia, Peisino, Ligea and Aglaope, were cursed by the goddess Demeter after they left her daughter, Persephone, and she (Persephone) was taken by Hades and so the 4 girls became cannibalistic, bird, fish, women, luring sailors to there death. Sirens are mermaids who are able to lure sailors towards rocky shores via their hypnotic singing, causing the sailors to crash into the rocky coast of their island, meeting a watery demise. Any 1980’s films fanatics will recognise the link between Madison and mermaids. Melusine was a woman who is depicted as part human and part serpent and is generally portrayed as being half human and half fay (fairy).

Over time, writers and painters started softening their view of the siren, combining them with fantastical elements from other European stories, creating a hybrid creature that took mythological sea creatures and combined it with the Greek chthonic deities and created the mermaid, a benevolent sea-dweller that would grant unwitting fishermen and sailors a magical wish or item in exchange for freedom. A mask is required to enter many establishments in most states (you can find your state's regulations here), and even if you're in a county that does not have an enforced mask mandate, a business may still require that you wear one before coming inside. Deities - Some of the earliest mermaids were goddesses who represented fertility, beauty, sex, but also a very destructive force of nature that can be found at sea. Over a hundred years ago, a Siren enchanted the men of Bristol Cove. A hugely popular name, Athena last ranked at number 127 in the baby name charts. Since then it has slumped to number 12,949. A great choice for people who love mythology, the sea or just lovely sounding names. It is said to mean ‘nurses of fish’, which indicates someone who cares for sea life in some way. Suitable for your mermaid or merman, it is pronounced ‘BY-yoo’.

( Log Out /  Incidentally, in the Hans Christian Andersen story, The Little Mermaid’s sisters names are very much different. Why is this a great name for a mermaid? And hopefully not a sea monster. These depictions are based off of their respective mythological sources, although liberties were taken by various artists over the centuries in their depiction, so much so that the sirens and mermaids of mythology can be quite different from how we perceive them in modern times: Half-fish, half-human creatures are present in almost every culture’s mythology, from Europe and the Americas, to the Near East and Asia.

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