The battles were often so chaotic, there either wasn’t enough time to activate a blindside or too much was going on to even think about performing a blindside. Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remastered is a full 4K remaster of the game for the first time on the PS4 and PC. PS4 Pro users can also change things like the shadow buffer, camera blur, depth of field, self-shadowing, and texture resolution. This action-packed RPG takes players on the epic journey of mankind’s last stand, with exploration and battle across some of the most mysterious, dangerous and fantastical worlds of the universe. Star Ocean series started all the way back on the SNES however it didn’t get mainstream attention until the release of Star Ocean 3 on the PS2. When released, the Rush character moves faster and deals stronger attacks. However, as you make your way through the story, you will learn new abilities and gain party members which alters how each combat plays out. Erkunde die Galaxie auf deiner Mission, gewinne Verbündete und mache dir Feinde unter den Alienvölkern, die dir begegnen und entdecke die Gefahr, die alles Leben bedroht.■ Spektakuläre, neue Grafik in 4K und HD■ Aufregende Kämpfe in EchtzeitEin Universum voller Abenteuer und Gefahren erwartet dich im Sternenmeer!1 SpielerDUALSHOCK®4-VibrationsfunktionPAL HD 720p,1080i,1080pDer Download dieses Produkts unterliegt den Nutzungsbedingungen von PlayStation Network und unseren Software-Nutzungsbedingungen sowie allen für dieses Produkt geltenden Zusatzbedingungen. I have always enjoyed the combat featured in Star Ocean games and 4 has some of the best combat available in the series. To trigger a blindside attack, you hold down the circle button. Perhaps they should have also worked on the input lag, included the ability to skip long cutscenes (even if it’s the first time seeing them), or skip through dialogue. If all it’s going to do is show me what’s in my vicinity, I can use the HUD mini-map for that. Game description: From the creative minds of Square Enix and tri-Ace, STAR OCEAN - THE LAST HOPE takes place at the very beginning of the Star Ocean series. Diligence”) after earning a new level. Naturally, everything goes wrong on their journey, causing the ships to crash land on planet Aeos—all except for Crowe’s ship, which has gone MIA. The Last Hope is a prequel for all of the Star Ocean games, taking place right after the end of World War III when nuclear war has rendered the planet uninhabitable. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. It was then later improved with an international edition of the game that fixed many of the flaws from the original release. monitoring_string = "e648000e5cd42cece065ea6b2f880692", So many ways to tweak battle tactics and character skills. That said, the combat still shines brilliantly offering you the chance to perform a flurry of combos and special moves on the enemy. Read More. This “frozen” map shouldn’t have existed in 2008, much less 2017.

One aspect of the game that caught my eye was how the developers have given us the option to actually have the full PC visual settings integrated directly into the consoles. Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope ... Star Ocean: The Last Hope -- 4K and Full HD Remaster lands a brand new English trailer for PC and PS4, this time showcasing more gameplay. Not to mention, you get to ride around on a fat, fluffy, pink bunny.

If you perform a particular dodge when an attack is coming (your regular dodge away won’t suffice), the character will immediately “warp” to the enemy’s backside. If you loved it the first time, here’s your chance to play it again. is a property of Mandatory, Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster review code provided by publisher. I can’t recommend it to long-time returning fans unless they owned a PS4 Pro. It’s either overly-dramatic or overly-dull, as though the director couldn’t convey to the booth what they needed from the dialogue. Explore STAR OCEAN First Departure R … The combat might be fun but it doesn’t appear as such in the start. Vollständige Nutzungsrechte unter© 2009, 2017 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. Got some cash in my steam wallet and I'm kinda looking for an RPG to play every now and then.

As you would expect, Edge gets involved in each planet’s problems and saves (most of) them from world-ending catastrophes. How could that not be enjoyable, not to mention adorable? The improved performance and visuals might not be a big incentive to replay the game again, and there is a lack of new content here, but if you haven’t played it before, now is the right time to check it out. The Blindside technique in combat isn’t your typical dodge-at-the-last-minute-to-slow-down-time mechanic.

I only had one visual option to change and it was for turning on or off the blindside animation. The game also features more of a sci-fi emphasis than past titles with the ability to control your own ship. I did wish for the ability to save whenever or at least more save points, as the combat is challenging on the normal difficulty setting.

Any time skill points (SP) were awarded, I was in the game menu, seeing if maybe now I could upgrade Edge’s critical hits skill or Faize’s HP boost. Ausführliche Informationen hierzu findest du unter While they are nice nods to the other games, each one feels very forced and padded. As the Southern saying goes, if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. I was able to avoid the enemy’s attack true enough, but I missed out on those precious critical hits.

Es gelten die Software-Nutzungsbedingungen. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. It’s really hard to recommend this game to first-timers with all of the problems and the JRPG stereotypes.

It’s enjoyable to run around a new world, talk to the inhabitants, maybe pick up a fetch quest or ten, and kill all the things.


I had similar issues with the Rush gauge, which fills as you deal damage and take damage. The game even allows you to select your rendering resolution so you can run it at native 4k on the PS4 Pro or if you are having issues with the frame rate, you can tone it down a little and get more stable performance. 'Earth has been decimated by World War III, and now, humanity must turn to the stars in search of a new home. Since boss fights take a considerable amount of time, even with the real-time action combat, utilizing Rush is the only way to shave off seconds.

Pressing the Options button opens up the overworld map and pauses the game, but you still cannot scroll around the map. Despite everything that irritates me about this game, from the stereotypes to the voice acting to the useless overworld map, I could not stop playing this game. Slapping a fresh coat of paint on a dilapidated house isn’t going to suddenly make the house warm and cozy. So if you prefer, you can now toggle some of the effects like depth of field, motion blur and draw distance. Edge’s journey doesn’t have a natural flow to it, which made me wonder with each planetary touch-down what crazy scheme would delay Edge this time. The announcement was a huge surprise from the PlayStation-centric developer/publisher, but it was merely a year later that Star Ocean defected back to its PlayStation roots. But it didn’t stop me from carrying on from one save point to the next, eagerly awaiting what puzzles I needed to solve or which new special art I could use to devastate a foe. Get STAR OCEAN First Departure R, Action,Role Playing Game (RPG) game for PS4 console from the official PlayStation website.

Now the prequel has made another leap into the PlayStation universe with the Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster for the PlayStation 4.

Sadly, ever since then, the series has never managed to retain its quality level with inconsistent releases like Star Ocean 4 and 5, that were meet with a mixed reaction from the fans. If Square Enix and tri-Ace really wanted to do this remaster justice, they should have done more than a graphical boost. © 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. STAR OCEAN™ - THE LAST HOPE -™ 4K & Full HD Remaster - ist jetzt erhältlich für dein PlayStation®4-System.Die Erde wurde im dritten Weltkrieg verwüstet und jetzt muss sich die Menschheit auf der Suche nach einer neuen Heimat an die Sterne wenden. Since this was an option back in 2010, it’s very, very strange to not see this option on the standard PS4. At least with a PS4 Pro you can choose the lipstick color. From what I have seen online, the Modern art style changes the character portraits to an anime appearance. For more information on scoring please see our Review Policy here.

That said, though, the true face-lift is only available for owners of the PlayStation Pro. I’m sure that was all very nice.

Einmalige Lizenzgebühr für den Download auf mehrere PS4-Systeme. You assume control of Edge Maverick who is a part of the survey team tasked with finding new habitable planets. Square Enix announced Star Ocean: The Last Hope as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2008, as part of a trifecta of Xbox 360-exclusive RPGs (The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery were the other two).

It’s a great way to avoid a potentially devastating attack as well as land multiple critical hits. Of course this means that Edge steps up to fend off the monsters, which then leads to him being named captain of his ship and sent to survey surrounding planets as well as find Crowe’s wayward ship.

The game was originally released for the Xbox 360 and PS3, however this remaster is more than a simple port by letting the game render at native 4K and improving the frame rate along with it. I heard great things about the Star Ocean series a while back(The PSX ones primarily) and I'm wondering if this is worth spending time in. Then again, is the game worth checking out if you never played it during the first go around? The remaster has pushed the frame rate to target 60 fps in combat and during exploration and believe me when I say it, it makes a lot of difference in how the game plays now. I am happy on return of Star Ocean The Last Hope after years :) I havent PS4 but I consumed PS3 to play it ^_^ #14. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to utilize the blindside ability as much as I would have liked. I desperately looked for a way to turn off their victory speeches the tenth time I heard Reimi (super serious girl who doubts herself) say, “Diligence! Zwar ist dieses Spiel auf der PS5 spielbar, aber einige Funktionen, die auf der PS4 verfügbar sind, sind hier möglicherweise nicht vorhanden. This doesn’t mean the game is bad, infact, it is quite simply a better product than Star Ocean 5, but it just doesn’t reach the height of Star Ocean 2 or 3.

The story is full of the same old JRPG tropes so if you are expecting a Japanese Mass Effect adventure here, it is best to temper your expectations. Edge and his childhood friends Reimi and Crowe are among the few chosen to leave Earth on starships to find a new home planet. Despite having a great combat system, the game has suffered from a lackluster story and terrible visual style. Even a direction marker on the HUD mini-map for quests would be nice. Der Download erfordert die Zustimmung zu diesen Bedingungen. The fun combat system is somewhat held back by terrible characters and the story is not exactly memorable enough to make you care for them, but as a whole experience, it is enjoyable to some extent. One issue I cannot believe was not fixed (other than the input lag) is regarding the map. Cheat engine which you can DL from there official site and last the Star Ocean 4 cheat table which you can DL from ... Star Ocean the last hope Remaster.

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