The provoked wolves growl at them until Tulip and Junior convince them that if they were loose then Tulip would have an easier time hitting him. Babies, creating new inventions, working at Cornerstore, helping others, Junior, success, her family, daydreaming, bonding with Diamond Destiny, Diamond Destiny, adventure, doing what's right, braiding Junior's feathers. During the night, Tulip and Junior build a fire and engage in another conversation. This makes Junior panic knowing he'll face trouble with Hunter and fail to get his promotion. She exclaimed excitingly.Teo escorted Tulip in, and he closed the door. As they travel along the river, Tulip and Junior chat with each other. Tom Scoggins | Tulip and Junior fight the penguins until they cunningly take the baby while the penguins are not looking. Bladebeak | While the wolves drive away from Tulip and Junior, the protagonists catch up and manage to steal the baby back as the wolves are distracted. Being fired, arguing with Junior, Hunter, Diamond Destiny in danger, being called an orphan, failure, Junior abandoning her, wolves (formerly), danger, the penguins, Hunter's evil plot, Junior's selfishness, the idea of calling babies packages, the business of package delivery. Master Wu | Junior, Tulip, the storks, and the other birds work together in catching the falling babies. He sometimes wear a blue tie. After the protagonists see a flock of penguins taking Diamond Destiny up an elevator, they spy a stork dressed as the spherical box mascot. Junior comes to Tulip for a conversation and Tulip introduces jet packs she has made for flightless birds, including a chicken, emu, and quail. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

In the first teaser trailer, she ends up breaking a machine and causing babies to appear all over. William Stenz | Dr. Chase Meridian | Then Junior crushes her happiness by confessing that he was supposed to her. Ranger Smith | Gylfie | Junior tries to order her to stop using the jetpecks, before she started to fly. Diggs | Tulip and Junior cross a bridge which Junior cuts to prevent the wolves from catching up to them. Eighteen years later, Tulip, now a teenager, is working to promote new ideas for Cornerstore, but they always ba… Mumble | Batman | At the end of the movie, she wears a short-sleeved white shirt and blue jeans.

Tulip takes a taxi and finds a fake house between two warehouses. Inventing.Daydreaming Join Junior the Stork and Tulip the human as they struggle to bring babies to their families. Alias Junior is the main protagonist of the 2016 film, Storks. Charlie Bucket | Tulip proceeds at inserting the letter into the slot which happens to be part of the baby-producing machine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The guards hear the baby and get suspicious. Johnny Cage | Junior informs her that Hunter has abducted Diamond Destiny and is planning to send her away. Dr. Susan McAlester | Then the bottom half of the mascot costume falls down leading to everyone's suspicion. As Tulip turns eighteen, Hunter is to be promoted as the chairman and in turn he is going to promote Junior, Cornerstore's top delivery stork, as the new boss.

As Junior holds her, he starts becoming more attached to the infant. Elle Brody | Mothra | Later, she discovered that the blue letter. Cornerstore is a place known for delivering babies and its employees are storks, along with other birds. Then an annoyed Junior draws a knife and stabs the tube, causing it to deflate, forcing the group to land the craft to the side of the river and camp there for the night. 100 word prompts, 100 sentences for the movie, Storks. On their way down, the elevator stops and Pigeon Toady, another employee of Cornerstore, enters it. A concerned Tulip, who has maternal instincts, climbs out of the driver's seat trying to reach the baby. Tulip further hopes that by helping the infant girl find her family, she will find her own family as well. The Alpha therefore orders one of his fellow members to cut them loose.

Ivy | All the other storks immediately become fond of those babies and ignore Hunter's demand to stop the production. San Lin | Junior brags it's part of his natural instinct to fly a plane since he's a bird. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (3), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, I know the summary sounds cringey but bare with me, the kid hasn't got superpowers or anything, I haven't really got any additional tags whooho, uh this might actually be continued I'm not really sure, yeah uh if anyone's actually reading this? Tulip is the deuteragonist in Storks.

Upon receiving and accepting Nate's letter, the machine evolves it into a baby. As the wolf pack catches up to Tulip, Junior makes it into the plane with the baby and notices Tulip in her perilous situation. Before they are officially doomed, Jasper rescues them and flies them onto the departing cargo boat. Toady respectfully obeys Hunter's order and flies a drone toward the baby-manufacturing machine attempting to destroy it. The wolves form a van and manage to snatch the baby. When Junior see his arrogant selfish boss Hunter who ordered him to fire his best friend Tulip because she has just turned 18, rather than firing her, Junior instead takes her to the abandoned baby factory. Helga Eveshim | Hunter and his fellow employees chase the protagonists into the old factory where babies used to be manufactured. Junior and Tulip reach the baby-manufacturing machine before getting surrounded by the storks. Both create flying machines which they eventually crash (Lewis' time machine akin to Tulip's airplane). Enemies They don't wear formal attire since it was only a birthday party. Nothing much about his life is known, since Junior began working for Storks Delivery Service in Stork Mountain, until he finally met his best friend Tulip, who had been an orphan for 18 years ago, after Jasperhad lost all of Tulip's beacon's pieces. The baby girl clearly sees and she is not amused. As Junior, Tulip, and Jasper leave Diamond Destiny with her new family, a teary-eyed Junior tries to hold in his emotions. Reptile | The next day, Tulip and Junior try to feed Diamond Destiny her food only to have the infant fling the spoons away with her hands. Jacquimo | This isn't big news, the Baby Factory makes hundreds of babies every day. Russell Franklin | While Tulip does not know the definition of "liberation," Junior tries to tell her that he means he is going to fire her, but he has a hard time at it.

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