They will keep working doggedly towards their dream until they have what they want and more. They are nurturing creatures who fall into the role of caregivers seamlessly thanks to their intrinsic values about home.

What sets them apart is their gentle and big hearts, which make them giving. They are stubborn and strong-willed, both traits that help them achieve what they want.

Taurus’s spirit animal is the bull. On top of that, you embody the cheetah in your hyper-focus. [Zodiac Spirit Animals Series], What Spirit Animal is a Gemini?

They are also shown to have an active side, and they tend to get restless. What Is My Spirit Animal by Birthday: Zodiac & Birth Animal Totems.

They can be great of great support with regards to manifestation and encourage the Taurus to set aside their ego and stubbornness in order to achieve the best possible results. Like the cheetah, you’re full of energy that demands to be let free not pent-up or tamed. They are unlikely to show everyone all of themselves, so the closest friends can sometimes feel at a loss. You and the cat have very similar traits. They take what they... 3. They love beautiful things and work hard to be able to afford them. Like this creature, you can also be very patient and assertive. The female psychology represented by Venus in her dark side is, in fact, also highly seductive and observing, a bewitching and astute manipulator. While Capricorns tend to work fast without slowing down, they put effort and thought into their products and avoid risky choices. If you are an Aries, your spirit animal is the tiger. As they are both known for their hard-working and perseverant character, so it only makes sense these two are connected in spirit. They are extremely passionate individuals who are in control of their self. Spirit animals are aligned to a certain period of time and it shows the inner personality of a person. They take what they want and aren’t afraid to charge into confrontations. There’s a great opportunity for growth when a Taurus decides to take down their walls and give others a sense of influence as well. Your complex nature makes it hard for just anyone to understand who you are, which is why some people fear you (like they fear spiders). Allow astrologer Aliza Faragher to explain which signs yours is most compatible with: © 2020 Condé Nast. [Zodiac Spirit Animals Series], The symbolism of this spirit animal explained. Do you agree with yours? Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Libras are very gentle people and enjoy offering their affection and kindness to those around them. While they are very resourceful and maintain control over their work ethic and productivity, they also tend to have distrust in the people around them, and they may seek revenge if they feel wronged. Aries, your spirit animal is a cheetah. Say yes to the good life but go in-depth too. Libras are incredibly kind and soft individuals. Copyright © 2020 Peace Quarters Media LLC. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) Whenever an obstacle comes their way, they will find a solution to fix it.

A beaver will provide you the courage and strength to never give up on your dreams, no matter how many challenges are being thrown at you. To work on your male fertility, use the bull’s energy to guide it, wear a bull’s necklace, and let it protect you and boost your male energy. Taurus is one of the most powerful zodiac signs; this earth sign is all about action, productivity, and accomplishing goals.

[Zodiac Spirit Animals Series], What is Sagittarius’s Spirit Animal?

We use cookies to give you the best experience, as detailed in our privacy policy. Like the swan, you’re graceful, peaceful, and pure. However, their goals are set by them not the outside world. What Is Your Spirit Animal According to Your Zodiac Sign? Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) They are almost always working or keeping themselves busy one way or another. For instance, if you tend to be on the limber and quiet side, your spirit animal may very well be a cat.

Taurus’s Venusian influence make this earth sign the most sensual of the zodiac: These cosmic oxen are enchanted by any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury. Cosmic oxen are all about return on investment (the bull is also the symbol of Wall Street), and Taureans know how to play the long game in both professional and romantic pursuits. Internal Conflict: A Battle of Within From Within – Types, Causes and Resolve. They are usually in excellent health. [Zodiac Spirit Animals Series], What is Pisces’s Spirit Animal? Like the deer, you’re a very compassionate, calm, and open creature. The druids associated the bull with solar energy, and the cow, on the other hand, with earthly energy. They can be very resourceful and strategic about their projects as well. Wear a bull necklace to remind yourself how strong you are if you feel a bit low and have low self-esteem. Taurus need to find balance between both worlds and their spirit animal will help them find it. Following the bull’s lessons can be life-changing! The Cancer sign is generally known as the crab but their spirit animal is the woodpecker. Our zodiac sign can tell us about our personalities, but there are many layers to astrology that can tell us about the deeper parts of us. A question I’m often asked is, “What is my Spirit Animal by birthday?” Your ‘birth animal’ or ‘birth animal totem’ is your Zodiac Sign. As Taurus’ spirit animal, beavers help guide this zodiac sign towards their deepest dreams and desires. They are fond of forming relationships with others and enjoy playing around. Taureans aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard to earn big rewards. According to the Celts, this animal would help improve the mental state in relation to sexual strength. Their spirit animal will help them see the other side of the story as well which will develop a sense of compassion and understanding within the Taurus. They value accomplishing their goals as the top priority in their life. Welcome to Calming Cosmos! The bear is also a symbol for protection. This card generally represents a charming individual who is very loyal and romantic. You’re powerful and courageous, always willing to fight for what’s most important to you. Once you've checked that out, read this month's horoscope. When you lock eyes onto your prey — or a goal you’re determined to achieve, in your case — you don’t let up until you get what you want. I don’t. 7 Tips On How to Deal With Jealousy in a Relationship.

Just like a beaver, in order to manifest your deepest dreams and desires it is very important to have an adaptive mindset. They look cute and innocent on the outside, but they can be intelligent and sneaky. They are bold and ready to fight for their desires and goals, even if it’s not an easy battle. They are intelligent and patient, … Aries are energetic and adventurous, as well as always ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. If you spot a beaver somewhere and Taurus happens to be your zodiac sign, it can be taken as a clear sign that you’re being protected and guided by your spirit animal. They are determined creatures that are driven by instinct and can't be stopped by others once they set their mind to it. Like the phoenix, you’re a symbol of growth, renewal, and inner strength. Just like all other Earth signs, Taurus can be quite materialistic. Cancers are also nocturnal and prefer solitude over social situations. Read what your sign's 2020 horoscope predictions mean for you right here, or check out your monthly horoscopes here.

Taurus, your spirit animal is a bear. Pisces, your spirit animal is a deer. Finding balance and ease on troubled waters in life is very important to you. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. The rabbit teaches us to not let our fears overwhelm us, which is something you try to live by every day. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) The shedding of the skin is reminiscent of the life-death-rebirth cycle that many cultures believe in. From a very young age, he will be favored in relationships with others, he wants to show himself well and often succeeds, his bonds are constant and lasting, whether they are of love or friendship. They are secretive and frequently find themselves staying up all night and sleeping all day because they work best during the nighttime.

Possessing objects is cool but it’s not everything. They might be seen as impulsive sometimes because of the amount of confidence they exude. Image Courtesy: Astrology Zone ( People are drawn to them for their larger than life personality. You prefer to march to the beat of your own drum and not change who you are for anyone or anything — how very cat-like of you.

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