lemme know. After deleting his accidental claims (and some more crashes into walls), Techno was able to figure out how to fly the vehicle, and he set off north towards Australia. Created Jun 1, 2015. Jmak would also join the call, explaining that he was only there to deliver steak. Alfr2d† •

With the help of AntVenom, he headed to an island northwest of Antarctica, where he copied a castle from Planet Minecraft. Techno followed up by jesting that he had been in creative mode the entire time too, gaining multiple diamond blocks easily. ), used to bowspam. Also if you do think this is gonna help out, no dpi? Techno also opened Scot's present; though he seemed ecstatic at the gift and bonded with Scot over the horrors of long-distance livestock shipping, he still declined to ally with New Hawaii, saying that he might spare his life for it though.

He swam across the Zambezi river and reached the coast, leaving a sign on a crafting table calling dibs on Africa.

Techno spent the day touring the world and advertising his Youtooz. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Techno set off again following the near disaster and once again inspected the surrounding catwalks. When Fruit dueled Sylvee, he completely overpowered her and severely damaged her armor, even though she had far better gear.

The two briefly had a dogfight where Spifey threw snowballs, before Techno called Phil to his assistance. Cscoop • The conversation broke down in an argument again, leading to Techno and Wilbur pointing their bows at Tommy. Lego Maestro Phil then notified Techno that Spifey had landed and was sneaking around the Antarctic, before descending and massacring the latter. Josh briefly fought back before being killed by Ph1l. Tommy went to Techno's work-in-progress palace base, located next to the ARG's Sundial, previously in Wilderness territory. Pokay • Technoblade participated in, and led, the Fit Power Experiment.

Go. Wanting to explore End Cities and collect loot, Techno returned to Port-aux-Francais to craft more fireworks and drop off his potions and arrows. IDKMason • Cxlvxn •

Sophietexas • ItsAsaii • Techno got 10 Books of Mending and gave Tommy $400 dollars in-game.

Techno commented that five diamonds would be a good number and that he'd like to acquire a ton of the diamonds in Africa before the other creators, jesting that since they were in Europe, history was likely going to repeat itself with the nations there swarming Africa for resources. He was mining resources in South Africa when he noticed that Jameskii, supertraves, and chip were in Antarctica. He escaped from a zombie as he ran through the dense forests of Africa, entering a clearing as night fell and dug down to collect stone. Techno then reiterated that he was going to steal diamonds from Africa and take over the world. BlueVacktor • Multiplier: Level 292 (x8) Level: 292.95 Karma: 143,914,005 Achievement Points: 11,255 Quests Completed: 3,008 Firstlogin: 2013-09-13 21:03 EDT Friends: 89 SkyBlock Stats

She mentioned that he would destroy Techno in a fight, citing to their earlier duel on the shores of Bean York City.

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