The young woman turns out to be Ross' half-sister, Fee, who explains Ross was never abandoned, but was left for a while by their mother, which resulted in social services being called and Ross being placed in care for a day.

Some of the young people and Mike arrive at a charity auction which included Alex, which aims to provide homes for the homeless, organised by his mother Aileen, and Alex is reunited with Alice.

Sasha sees Josh again but theres one problem-hes got a new girlfriend.

The seventh series of the British children's television series The Dumping Ground began broadcasting on 4 January 2019 on CBBC and ended on 6 December 2019. Carmen discovers Jody lives in fear of her brother and soon. The Dumping Ground - Series 7: 23.

But with Jay and Bird arguing, Sid messing up his room, Taz and Floss stealing the TV to play video games and Jay accidentally turning everybody's clothes pink, she realizes its not all that simple. But when he can't find anything to base it on, he bases it on saying mean things about some of the residents which doesn't go down well. The Dumping Ground is divided when a couple want to foster Gus. Meanwhile, Charlie meets an electrician and eventually, through her, decides she wants to depart from Ashdene Ridge and Alex gets creeped out by Sids dummy. Please enable JavaScript to take full advantage of iPlayer.

Freya threatens to send the images of the files, but the young people do not mind and Sasha apologises for losing contact with Freya and encourages her to take her second chance. Sasha learns to knit and spends all of her time doing it.

Tyler decides to apply for the radio production college. Finn is all set for going in a swimming race but when he realises he's up against champion/bully Blake who puts Finn off it, he refuses to do it. Air dates refer to the episodes' initial airing (i.e.

Ross takes Floss to a wooded area and claims it's where the shopping centre used to be, but he runs off, however Ross locates him with a young woman she believes is her mother.

A fantastic team of scribes on TDG7 you + @Dawzella @crummymummywd @scriptworkshop @KIMMCCUSKER @GarethSargent joe Williams, Rachel Smith, John Hickman, Christine Roberson, Owen Lloyd-Fox, Mark Stevenson, Kayleigh Llewellyn, Julie Dixon and David",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Meanwhile, Tyler has to reject Jody to go to the prom with Piper from the radio station and Bird invites Candi-Rose to the prom to dance with her when her former crush does too.

Season 6. [31], "Series five of The Dumping Ground is taking shape in Morpeth with some new stars", "BBC - BBC Children's announce raft of new commissions - Media Centre", "Carlos on Instagram: "Series 7 : The Dumping Ground, can't wait!#thedumpingground #carlosmapano #tenorture #actorslife #pinoyactor #dabawenyoactor#tcmactors, "History in the making for town as TV cameras roll", "If you were wondering why there was a film crew on campus this week here's the answer. When her dad's pregnant girlfriend moves into their flat, Lily rebels.

Sasha fails to find proof relating to the note and Freya's clothes are found torn and Sasha is blamed again. [2] Like the previous five series, the front exterior is filmed at Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear whilst an old school in Newcastle upon Tyne and buildings of the former Loansdean fire station in Morpeth, Northumberland are also used for interior and exterior sets. Jody's comments about Ashdene Ridge leave Mike with no choice but to let her be care worker for he day to show her how hard it is.

So she gets Josh to dump her which eventually leads to them falling out.

Charlie soon tells Ryan that she didn't mean what she said to him and she says that she is happy to help him, but he just needs to ask for it, rather than thinking he can do everything, and wanting attention from it. Everyone is shocked when Candi-Rose turns up at The Dumping Ground with Lauren and when they learn of her real name and Mike and May-Li remind them both of the reasons for their separation.

Meanwhile, strange Dr. #series6 #TheDumpingGround", "Headed up to Newcastle to chaperone these two lovelies to the hit CBBC TV show The Dumping Ground. Charlie decides to help Taz and Sid with their homework, which is a bug hunt. Meanwhile, Tyler and Finn get perfect revenge when Alex puts stink bombs near Finn.

Series 1: 3. Alex makes a £2,000 bid on a weekend away in Edinburgh and when he wins the auction, Alex says he has no money; Aileen is shocked when she knew who Alex is and that he is living in care. This page was last edited on 31 August 2020, at 21:41. Jody tries to enter a boxing league but it doesn't go to plan. First Appearance: Ava Potter as Bec Ryde.

[8][2][9][10] Additional filming takes place across the North East, including locations such as Newcastle University.

Candi-Rose finds the girl and follows her to her flat, calling the name Lauren; she and Bird are pulled into the flat by Lauren. One of the arrivals, Freya, knows and unsettles Sasha and Mike cancels the young people's individual plans in order for the young people to get to know the new arrivals. Charlie, Taz, and Sid apologize to her and Charlie are asked to help.

As Aileen speaks of her deprived start in life, Alex's anger grows, especially when Aileen shows affection towards Alice. What has season 7 in store ...?

All the young people, except Freya, Luke and Sid, receive a text from Jody and Jody shows them a group picture drawn by Sasha and when Sid wets the bed, he is reluctant to tell Mike and May-Li, so Jay pours pop over his bedding to cover it up.

Mike forbids the young people from going out to catch up on their homework after reading out unfavorable comments from their school reports, but Candi-Rose sneaks out with Bird with his and Jay's help. Alex rejects Aileen's plea for forgiveness.

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It consisted of twenty-four, thirty-minute episodes; from episode two onwards, episodes premiered a week early on BBC iPlayer. As his day spirals out of control, however, Mike's nightmare becomes a reality. Mike, now with a known family has the toughest day yet with his twin brother calling him all the time, his Mum unwell, new girl Katy going missing immediately, a prom night that he organised coming up and Alex leaving the DG. Chloe rebels with revenge when she is left out on a trip to the cinema by trying to get Bird and Jay separated.

May-Li tries to reassure Sasha that Freya understands why she never went to secure accommodation with her.

Taz and Sid start to believe she's dangerous and take one item from each resident and lock it in the shed so Bec cannot steal it. Find out when The Dumping Ground is on TV, including Series 7-Episode 23: Mighty Mike Milligan.

Everyone agrees to Freya's idea of a party to bond and prior to the party, Sasha sets it up so that Freya confesses via a Bluetooth speaker that she is looking for revenge against Sasha, but Freya retracts it when the other new boy, Luke, warns her what is happening. The young people are woken up to the news by May-Li that some new arrivals will be coming to The Dumping Ground. Chloe is upset about not being told about Lauren by Candi-Rose, but brings up the fact that Lauren has left care, so Candi-Rose returns to Lauren, who is planning to leave, but Candi-Rose explains to Lauren that she is 18 and can be her guardian.

Episode Ep. Meanwhile, Charlie and Ryan spend the day at a police horse stable, where they groom and walk the horses.

Jay and Bird have their chocolate confiscated, Alex gets his phone confiscated, and Finn is told he can no longer go to the cinema because he hasn't done his chores.

After discovering Candi-Rose missing, they find Lauren's flat empty and whilst out, Lauren points out the consequences if they run away, which include Lauren not being able to take care of Candi-Rose, being split up and she'd have to continue with the pretence of being Candi-Rose, so she opts to return to The Dumping Ground. He eventually pretends they're a charity, makes Candi-Rose, Chloe, Finn and Bird make brownies at crazy times in the morning for the charity, makes up sad lies about some of the residents and steals Mike's money for brownie ingredients.

Ross arrives at The Dumping Ground to stay due to a cat allergy and Floss still resents him for taking her ideas before.

Everyone hates Floss for snitching on them, but she apologises and makes it up to them. Alex meets Aileen at the park with Mike's supervision and she explains the past, saying she found out from Alex's father about him being in care and Alex shows Aileen the alleyway where he lived. It is also revealed that Bec has had a hard past time before coming to the DG.

Freya insists on accompanying Jody when she goes out, when she plans to see Sasha, and Freya warns Luke to keep an eye on the other young people. Chloe is spending all her time on a video game and is enjoying it. New girl Bec arrives at the DG and wastes no time in wreaking havoc.

The Dumping Ground season 7 episode 23 When Mike awakens from a terrible nightmare, he sets out to work hard and take his mind off things. Tyler explains the concept of karma to Taz, so she chooses to be good to be rewarded. Tyler goes high and deep to raise money for a summer holiday.

Ms. Bloomfield puts Tyler in charge of showing Piper around and telling her how everything works, however Piper is more interested in causing trouble and messing up the radio station. When her dad's pregnant girlfriend moves into their flat, Lily rebels. Meanwhile, Sasha is surprised to learn that Mike is the model of a picture they were supposed to draw in her art class and Floss and Jay have a games competition in which Jay realizes Floss cheated. The seventh series of the British children's television series The Dumping Ground began … First she tears up her welcome signs and then causes a fire in the garden. Mike looks into getting Tyler into a college that specializes in radio production. At the social services department, Floss' file is taken out and note falls out, asking for someone to take care of two children (supposedly Floss and Ross). After overhearing the reason why Freya went to secure accommodation, and why Sasha was supposed to go, Ryan exposes Freya's past in secure accommodation and Freya gives a positive explanation; Freya is rescued from the bathroom when she is stuck and shows a note that reads 'leave now', using Sasha's art supplies. #TheDumpingGround @CBBC_TDG #SeasonFinalè - with our glorious @EmilyBurnett97 as Charlie! Carmen discovers Jody lives in fear of her brother and soon.

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