Karen Mok has long been one of today’s most underrated actresses, playing basically any part under the sun. At one point, when Ren seems to have counter-hypnotized Xu, auds may begin to suspect the whole story is being filtered through an unreliable subconscious. Tech credits are above average for a mainland genre film, especially Zhao Nan and Yang Jing’s Dolby Atmos sound design, which eschews the usual foreboding hints of horror-film background sound to evoke natural sounds like rain with sharpness, and is seamlessly aligned with Benson Chen’s alternatively playful and romantic score to conjure a mood of teasing uncertainty. An exceptional film that explores the power that trauma can have on the human mind. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! Film Review: ‘The Great Hypnotist’ This supernatural mystery from mainland China has style, but borrows a bit too obviously from 'The Sixth Sense.' Lam’s swirling camera movement lifts the talky scenes in Xu’s office out of monotony, though the substantial portion of the pic shot underwater by Zhang Wei reps an ugly combo of blurry closeups and poorly framed shots of flailing bodies. We shall rectify and help you with queries at all times.

I do love home invasions…, from the looks of the trailer, Michael Jai White's wife is the one who can be…, Thanks for giving movies like this attention. However, I found that the supernatural business started strong and then faded before the end. The famous psychologist Xu Ruining has a raising career, when he met the troublesome patient Ren Xiaoyan. The questions begin mounting up and reality starts to bleed away as we’re left unsure of who to believe, doctor or patient. Director. I’d like to see a movie that takes place…, Stephen, great choice in Trailer. Share. Before the twist, we have two main characters that dominate the film. The Great Hypnotist is a mystery movie at heart, one that’s sure to appeal to film fans that love it when a story takes them in unexpected directions. Your sources may include various online and offline platforms such as word-of-mouth, product reviews, online consumer forums, review websites, and buying guides. He wonders what exactly makes her so belligerent and closed off from everyone.

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Dr. Xu is a skeptic that’s more hell-bent on exposing lies than he is in helping people and Ren’s ghostly visions don’t match up with our perceived reality. A former teacher comes to him with a difficult case: a woman who claims she can see ghosts. This system lets us make a list of 10 Best the great hypnotist movies available and trending in the market these days. Ching Siu-Tung needs better projec…, “... a legendary assassin who disappeared three years ago and becomes the tar…. Your IP: Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Most the narrative takes place in Dr. Xu’s office while doctor and patient recount stories from the past.

At a lecture, Dr. Xu expounds on the technicalities of hypnotism, guaranteed to leave laymen more confused than ever. The film wrings some haunting atmospherics from the lusciously-lit Euro-style mise-en-scene. The Great Hypnotist is a mystery movie at heart, one that’s sure to appeal to film fans that love it when a story takes them in unexpected directions. Tweet. To me, that means anything that wants you to guess if it’s really supernatural or not is ruined right from the start.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. He’s good in the back-and-forth with Karen Mok, though, and keeps his side of the story interesting enough when the film is little more than a two part argument in a nicely lit office. The Great Hypnotist. 2014 ‘催眠大师’ Directed by Leste Chen.

Stylish and thought-provoking, The Great Hypnotist is more clever than the usual psychological thriller, but because it fails to forge a connection to its audience it fails to ever become truly involving.

Edit Translation. With the character of Ren, Mok gets to play with many interesting emotional states that would normally be spread out across multiple roles.

And because it’s Chinese, we can assume he likely does not believe in God or any higher power, either. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.

This is not a movie for less patient viewers looking for some cheap thrills.

Ren is part femme fatale, part confused victim, part scheming intellectual, and part creepy ghost whisperer. Do you…, I knew you'd enjoy this one. The film is directed by Taiwanese filmmaker Leste Chen, who made his directorial debut with 2005’s ghost story The Heirloom.

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