In the one shot Titans East Special #1 (January 2008), Cyborg has apparently re-built a base on Titans Island in New York Harbor, where he intended to train a new team of teenagers.

places the T … READ: Billy Wintergreen To Appear In DC Universe’s Titans Season 2. Locale The second season of Titans is expected to hit the DC Universe streaming service this fall.

Light.[2]. The original tower was designed and constructed by Silas Stone as a gift for his son, Victor.

Academy and the respective H.I.V.E. United States of America City

According to insider Lance Ausfresser in the Titans Facebook group, Titans Tower is set to appear in season two of DC Universe’s Titans located in San Francisco, CA. The Titans Tower is the Teen Titans' base of operations, built by the Titans. Third tower. The Titans Tower is the usual base of operations of the Teen Titans. Do you think its too early to introduce such an iconic DC location?

In exchange for performing various tasks, the city of San Francisco funded the tower's construction with the input of various people from Silicon Valley.

East River When the Titans reformed shortly before the Final Crisis, they took up residence in a new structure called the Titans Compound. The outside of the tower features a sculpture commemorating the founders of the Titans, Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy. The first and second towers were in the East River in New York City. Above ground however, an elaborate 3-D hologram transmitted the image of the original Tower manipulating others into believing that the original tower still existed.

It was the team's base during the 1999–2002 Titans series, before being destroyed by a villain named Epsilon.

It was again designed by Cyborg, and was built by the city council, in exchange for which the Titans are responsible for dealing with the city's supervillains. DC Universe Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In Teen Titans vol.

[1], Following the defeat of Trigon, Dick Grayson moved back into Titans Tower with Rachel Roth, Gar Logan, and Jason Todd.

Following the defeat and Trigon and his sons, the new team of adult Titans have moved into the new Titans Compound in New York. Affiliation: Teen Titans

The new base, unlike previous Titans HQ's, appears to be only one story high, lying flat on the island, in the shape of a stylized 'T'. The second tower was built in the same location by Cyborg himself in the JLA/Titans miniseries.

However, it did not include Phantasm, Gnaark or Jason Todd, who were also Titans for a very short period of time. The compound was equipped with the same state of the art technology as its precursors, almost all of which were designed by Victor Stone.[5]. [1], Though often attacked by various villains such as the Fearsome Five and Deathstroke the Terminator, the tower remained intact for several years. MPD 8th Precinct Metropolis Science Police HQ, 3, #29, Jason Todd entered Titans Tower and fought Tim Drake, the current Robin. It also features statues for Geo-Force, Dove II, Grace, Metamorpho and Green Arrow.

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