The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NCAA or its member institutions. More information on the Toledo Zoo can be found at Rocky's birthday is listed as Oct. 20, 1966 on Toledo's website. Pittsburgh-based writers didn't know what to call Toledo's team and they likely didn't have expectations for Toledo's performance, which means it may have been easier for Toledo to impress the writers covering its opponent. I am looking forward to the gophers, irish, and hawkeyes.And you are welcome to use my favorite mascot trivia question:Name 7 college mascots that DO NOT inclued in the name: a color, an animal or end in "s". That same year, 1934, also marked the only search result for "Toledo Sky Rockets," with a space between "Sky" and "Rockets."

AP poll reactions: BYU enters top 10; Cincy up to No. Traditionally, the mascots I feature are Purdue football opponents. It was about a Toledo-based horse named "Sky Rocket," which won a blue ribbon in a horse jumping competition. Walleye are freshwater fish, known for their excellent vision, speed and elusiveness. But considering I do hold down a real job, I do what I can. They are relatively large and predatory, and eat crayfish, minnows and yellow perch when in the wild. The Telegraph-Forum reported that one of the newspaper writers from Pittsburgh was "dismayed that the school had no catchy nickname he could attach adjectives to in his story.". "The writer, impressed by the speedy runner, said 'Rockets' would suffice. © 2020 NCAA | Turner Sports Interactive, Inc. Yale's living, breathing bulldog mascot Handsome Dan wasn't the, remark an opposing basketball coach reportedly made five years before there was a student poll to decide the school's mascot, Spotify: College football through the years, Undefeated college football teams in 2020: Updated, AP poll breakdown: Cincinnati, BYU, Indiana are among this week's risers, College football scores: Top 25 rankings, results for Week 10, College football rankings: Cincinnati climbs, Oklahoma State and Michigan fall, Week 9 recap: The 5 best college football games, 2020 ACC football schedule: Games, dates, matchups, 2020 SEC football schedule: Dates, matchups. Classic, ECHL Kelly Cup Here's the true story of how Toledo adopted the nickname Rockets. For more information about the mascots, click the menu button. "The University of Toledo Rockets avenged their defeat by the University of Buffalo last year by running up a score of 33 to 7 against the New York gridders in their final game of the season here Saturday," The Cincinnati Enquirer reported. Using suggestions from a 'Name the Mascot' contest, Walleye staff members narrowed the list down to three choices. Navarre assumed the role at both home and away football and basketball games… The writer, who was unnamed in the story, then asked a Toledo spotter for his input. He looks like  he was staring very sinister-like at this kid whose back is turned to him.". Walleye are freshwater fish, known for their excellent vision, speed and elusiveness. "Sportswriters essentially gave the nicknames to a lot of these teams," said Sara Mouch, a university archivist at the University of Toledo. The official mascot of the Toledo Walleye Hockey Club is Wally The Walleye™. ", "The team played better than was expected against Carnegie Tech, [which is] why they were called [Rockets]," said Mouch, the university archivist. - CatTrick. A story published by the Telegraph-Forum of Bucyrus, Ohio reported in 1973, "The nickname came long before the space age."

Where did the nickname Dwyer's Boys come from? - Wayne Gretzky, "He has a spikey fin on the top of his head", Favorite Movies: Cats: The Musical, The Aristocats. | Toledo Walleye, 406 Washington Street, Toledo, OH 43604 | (419) 725-9255, ECHL All Star

There's this black and white photo of him on the basketball court standing behind a little kid, who's maybe 3 years old, and it looks really like out of a horror movie, frankly. Other proposed nicknames for Toledo were Bancroft Highwaymen, Bulls, Commodores, Jeeps, Toreadors and Turtles, according to the school. I like nibbling on Walleye! INVITE CATTRICK TO APPEAR AT YOUR NEXT EVENT! "They even tried using the name 'Turtles.' i had some without an 's' (crimson tide, cardinal), but those are colors or animals...dan, you must fill us in.blessing. Rocky the Rocket, The University of Toledo's mascot, was created in the 1966–67 academic year by the Spirits and Traditions committee, an appendage of student government, with various students being chosen to dress up as the mascot for different games. Even though "Skyrockets" was reportedly the original nickname suggested by the Toledo student in the press box, the original "full" name has never been used in publication. You can follow him on Twitter @AndyWittry. "I find some of the … Here's the front page of the sports section of The Pittsburgh Press — one of the hometown newspapers of Carnegie Tech — after the team's season-opening victory in 1923. The official athletics website for the University of Toledo Rockets Rocky the Rocket, The University of Toledo's "powerful" mascot, was created in the 1966-67.

In addition, Toledo athletics director Mike O’Brien will serve an additional two years through the 2022 championship. has previously taken college sports fans down the rabbit hole behind how some of the country's most beloved college mascots came to be.

The costume originally consisted of a wastepaper basket with a pointed rocket top made of papier-mâché. However, that reference wasn't relation to Toledo's athletic teams, either. Toledo UT Rockets Logo Vintage T-Shirt $16.99: Toledo UT Rockets Logo Vintage Long Sleeve T-Shirt $20.99 Find the perfect University of Toledo tee to help you illustrate your enthusiasm as they take on the competition. Request Rocky or Rocksy

The Pittsburgh Daily Post reported in its game preview that "Carnegie Tech kicks off the football lid here this afternoon, meeting a team that has never before appeared in Pittsburgh, and one of which very little is known, Toledo University of Toledo, O." Using the database of old newspapers, the oldest reference to "Toledo Rockets" that was able to find was from Nov. 21, 1926 in The Cincinnati Enquirer, three years after Toledo lost to Carnegie Tech. Here's one to get you started: "The Fighting Irish", bets, awesome once i'm intrigued by dan's trivial question. 6. The stories behind the mascots at Alabama, Arizona, Southern California, Southern Illinois, UC Irvine, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest are all compelling, too.

"Just then a Toledo player grabbed a fumble out of the air and ran 99 yards for a touchdown," the newspaper reported. Toledo > Toledo Rockets Mascot Male. "One that I don't think lasted very long that kind of looked a little bit like a clown.

"Well, his birthday, so to speak, was in the late '60s," Mouch said, "I think '67, and the earliest photo we have of a mascot is someone in a white sheet ... Not long after that, 1970, I think, was the first official costume and we actually have that costume here in the archives and it's just this very interesting, like blue suit with like a gold shield and a pointed gold sort of head that's very narrow, can't imagine it's very comfortable and they designed it and made it for like 80 dollars and it was to resemble a rocket. Spike was, by far, the most popular choice among the kids, garnering about 75% of the votes! He is a graduate of Indiana University. It came on Dec. 30, 1934 in The South Bend Tribune, and it was in reference to a musical group performing at a New Year's Eve party. When Spike and CatTrick aren’t busy chasing each other around, they appear at over 250 public events annually. Favorite Food: Fish! Betsy, that is great. The subheadline of the story read: "Skibos Tackle 'Mystery Team' in Tartan Bowl.".

In 1923, Toledo played Carnegie Tech (now known as Carnegie Mellon) in its football season opener. Toledo's mascot hasn't always looked like a rocket, however. Despite UT’s 32-12 loss, the student labeled the team 'Skyrockets,' obviously impressed by his alma mater’s flashy performance against a superior team. Playoffs, Favorite Movies: Finding Nemo & The Mighty Ducks, Favorite Songs: 'The Hockey Song' by Stompin' Tom Connors, 'Take On Me' by Reel Big Fish, and 'What I like About You' by the Romantics, Hobbies: Cheering on the Walleye hockey team, playing hockey, dancing, writing poetry, and reading, Favorite Books: 'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish' by Dr. Suess and 'Z is for Zamboni' by Matt Napier, Favorite Quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you never take."

Toledo's mascot hasn't always looked like a rocket, however. Those choices were presented at four local schools. Now all of our mascot friends are together in one convienent location! However, I envision one day adding features like "my favorite mascots" or "best inanimate objects mascots" or something of the like. Toledo Rockets Shirts, Rockets T-Shirts. As unlikely as it sounds, Youngstown State is nicknamed the Penguins because of a remark an opposing basketball coach reportedly made five years before there was a student poll to decide the school's mascot.

You can have a private Spike or CatTrick appearance at your next special event by submitting a request below. Toledo's athletic teams were previously called the "Blue and Gold," "Munies" and "Dwyer's Boys," according to Toledo's website. Get yourself the hottest Toledo Rockets T-shirt on the market from our NCAA shop. Some things were tied in to the city, like the Commodores for Commodore Perry, and Jeeps, of course. In the fall of 1968, Rocky was taken under the wing of Dan Seemann, Director of Student Activities at the time, and the First Official Rocky the Rocket, Bill Navarre, emerged. When Spike and CatTrick aren’t busy chasing each other around, they appear at over 250 public events annually. Wally makes his home at the Lake Erie Exhibit in the Toledo Zoo's Aquarium and fans are encouraged to visit him year round. The official Football page for the University of Toledo Rockets While Yale's living, breathing bulldog mascot Handsome Dan wasn't the first real-life bulldog the school had, Handsome Dan I started a lineage that now stretches to Handsome Dan XVIII.

"I find some of the past costumes fairly disturbing," Mouch said. OK Friends - I finally figured out this whole new-age blog thing. "The 1970 mascot probably lasted about a decade or so, it was in the mid-'80s where I think the next iteration was and it still sort of resembled a rocket. Apply to become a member of Mission Control, The University of Toledo's team of handlers for Rocky and Rocksy.

Munies was in reference to Toledo being a municipal university. Carnegie Tech won 32-12 and even though Carnegie Tech holds the all-time series lead against Toledo 2-0, Toledo can credit its 1923 season-opening opponent for the adoption of its nickname. They are relatively large and predatory, and eat crayfish, minnows and yellow perch when in the wild. Rocky's birthday is listed as Oct. 20, 1966 on Toledo's website. It could've been as early as that game in September.".

", As Toledo's media guide tells the story, "Pittsburgh writers pressed James Neal, a UToledo student working in the press box, to come up with a nickname. The sportswriters shortened the name to 'Rockets,' which has been used since. Over the years, Rocky's costume has changed many times: 1970-1980 In the early '70s, Rocky wore a tall, metal “rocket” helmet with many different jumpsuit-style outfits, including (yes, we admit it) bell-bottom pants. Toledo was coached by Joseph Dwyer in 1921 and 1922, then James Dwyer from 1923 to 1925, and the latter is credited by the school as the inspiration of the nickname. Now, Rocky and Rocksy are like rocket men instead of an actual rocket and they cost about $5,000 to make. The term "spike walleye" has been used to describe walleye that are about the diameter of a railroad spike (though perhaps a bit longer). It was very cartoonish, it had big eyes on the head and things like that, and that lasted until 2001, so I think 2001 probably would've been when they introduced the rocket man  that we have today.".

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