Foreign citizens who do not speak Russian are enrolled to preparatory course. copy of the certificate of recognition of a foreign education certificate (subject to the applicable law of Russia). Provided that all documents are ready and valid, the visa is normally issued within 3 – 10 business days. It is an incredible mixture of cultures, arts and interests, just like Paris. The unique advantage of the university is the harmonious development of the whole range of humanitarian, physical, mathematical and natural sciences, which allows for expanding interdisciplinary research and the seeking of synergies in solving the most complex of theoretical and applied problems of modern economic and public life. Documents currently not available (coming soon)! To purchase insurance, you should contact International cooperation division by email The cost of voluntary medical insurance amounts to 4000 rubles (approximately $65) per year. Invitations are issued by the Russian Federal Migration Service, which reserves 30 days to process applications. We have established 4 StrAUs at TSU. TSU’s opportunities in scientific and educational spheres attract partners from all over the globe. The new TSU dormitory "Sail" was opened in August 2014, the cost of living is 6964,8 rubles per year. Study in UCW | MBA & Bachelor of Commerce.

The annual cost of living is RUB: 2,83,115 approx. Living costs are much lower in Tomsk than in most Western countries. Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, South Ossetia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. 12+. The cost of voluntary medical insurance amounts to 4000 rubles (approximately $65) per year. Average temperature in January is about 19°C below zero, while average temperature in July is about 18°C above zero. Are there positive effects of posting students’ grades publicly? It was founded in 1880 in Tomsk, Russia, and is the oldest university in Russian Asia (in Siberia). Tomsk State University is your choice! ФС77-56036. Fees. Tuition Fees; Undergraduate; Postgraduate; Programmes in English; Centre for Joint International Academic Programmes; Institute of Distance Education; There is no doubt that Russian training provided in natural sciences and engineering is one of the best.

If the training was no less than 9 years long, the Certificate of Secondary Education issued in Turkmenistan is accepted as the equivalent of the Russian Certificate of Compulsory Education. Hey, ask a question or start a discussion here. Receive the official invitation letter for entry into Russia within one month after application; Obtain a student visa from the Russian consulate in their country on the grounds of the invitation letter, stating the purpose of entry as Studies/Internship/Postgraduate Studies and the host party as TUSUR; foreign students must contact the Russian consulate in their country for further details of the Russian visa procedure; Arrive to the university at least 5 days prior to the course start date and at least one month prior to expiration of their invitation and visa; Upon arrival, contact the host party by phone: Upon arrival to Tomsk, register with the migration authorities by submitting their foreign passport with a valid Russian visa and the migration card issued to them upon entry to the territory of Russia, and copies of their travel documents (tickets, boarding passes); Submit the following documents for enrollment: original of the education certificate with its official transcripts. The recognition and validation procedure is not required for any certificates of education issued in Belarus and for foreign certificates of education accepted by Russian universities subject to Government Decree # 668 d/d 04.11.2003. Lives and actions of people that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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