The name is Aboriginal, being derived from the name of a nearby spring, first recorded by a surveyor in 1926. The meaning of this Aboriginal word is not known. It was gazetted a townsite in 1872, but by the turn of the century the port had silted up. The spelling for the siding was changed according to rules for spelling Aboriginal names adopted by the Lands Department. The declaration of the townsite took place the same year. The deep gold did this.". The names were first recorded by a surveyor in 1892. Laken It is also about 32 km from Leinster. Another possible meaning is "the place where men are made". Roe disturbed a family of Emu's whilst ascending the hill. The town serviced the mine, but the mine closed in 1954, and the town was virtually deserted by 1955. When it was first recommended that land be set aside for a townsite here in 1927 the Dowerin Road Board suggested it be named Moonijin. The siding name was approved as Ulakain in 1913, the year the railway line opened. The name was difficult to spell, and what some claim is "Golgardi", was spelt by Finnerty as Coolgardie.

Eneabba is the Aboriginal name of nearby springs. Sint-Maria-Lierde Sulphur, explored this country and discovered the river in 1829, and Captain James Stirling, the Lieutenant Governor, named it in Collie's honour. The townsite of Wonnerup is located 219 km south of Perth and 10 km east of Busselton. The mining town of Bullfinch, located about 34 kilometres north west of Southern Cross was gazetted a townsite in 1910. It has at times been spelt Balahgin, Baladgin, Balajie, Baladgee and finally Baladjie. The townsite was gazetted in September 1913.

Scott recognises that Bong Bong won in a coin toss over Blighty in NSW – which he also found pretty weird. It is named after nearby Lake Pingrup, an Aboriginal name first shown on maps of the area around 1873. The station is in turn named after the Leinster gold find of the 1890s. Cue was gazetted a townsite in August 1893. The townsite of Clackline, located 17 kilometres south west of Northam, was gazetted a townsite in 1896. Bowelling is an Aboriginal name the meaning of which is unknown. In 1914 the government planned to extend the railway network from Kukerin to Lake Grace, and local settlers lobbied for a townsite to be declared at the terminus. Although it is not known why this name was given, it is known that it is after the Right Honourable Sir Robert Laird Borden, the 8th Prime Minister of Canada (1911 - 1920). The meaning of the name may be derived from "Kwongan", an Aboriginal word meaning sand plain, although one source describes wongan as meaning "wispering", and wongan katta would then mean "wispering hills" (katta is a word for hill). The Ravensthorpe area soon had a population of over 1000, and a strong demand for residential land. Mining leases were taken out here in 1895, and 1895-1910 were the peak years for the Gabanintha Mine. In 1999 it was changed back to Jurien Bay, as this had been long regarded as the locally accepted name of the place. In 1885 gold was discovered in the Kimberley, and in March 1886 John Forrest was sent to the Kimberley to select a site for a townsite to service the goldfield. Gold was discovered here in 1894, and the area was mined until the mines closed in 1937. The Capel River was discovered by F. Ludlow in1834, but no name was applied, and it was not until Lt. H W Bunbury on the 17th December 1836 quotes crossing a considerable river with steep banks, hitherto unknown to colonists which he says was afterwards named the "Capel" by Mr Bussell after a cousin, Miss Capel Carter. Leonora is a townsite in the eastern goldfields 833 km north east of Perth and 237 km north of Kalgoorlie. Roe later named the same river near its mouth the Gairdner River, not realising they were the same, and this is the name now used for the river. The name is the anglicised version of "Thungarra", an Aboriginal name referring to the mouth of the Irwin River.

In 1897 the government set aside land at Buchanan Siding for future subdivision, and in 1903 the Government Land Agent at Katanning reported there was considerable interest in town lots there. Beebering townsite was gazetted in December 1895. In 1906 the Taylors Well Progress Committee requested the survey of some small blocks for business in the area and a scheme of subdivision was commenced in 1907. The most distant town in the state from Perth, Wyndham is located in the Kimberley region, 3216 km north north east of Perth and 100 km north west of Kununurra. Land was set aside for the townsite in 1942, and the name Chandler was chosen in honour of Mr J Chandler, the farmer who discovered the alunite deposits. Porlelle Lake was first shown on maps of the area in 1886, but the source and meaning of the name are not known. The name Yarloop is said to have originated from the words "yard loop"; the rail loop into the timber yard there. The town derives its name from the nearby Hester Brook, a name first recorded by surveyor John Forrest in 1866. The townsite of Tunney is located on the Albany Highway in the great southern agricultural region, 295 km south south east of Perth and 27 km north west of Cranbrook. The abolished townsite of Wittenoom was located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Lakeside was then at the terminus of the railway, and close to Hannan Lake, from the proximity to which the name was derived. In 1899 settlers requested the Department of Lands & Surveys make land available for a townsite, but it was 1904 before a subdivision was designed, and 1905 before lots were surveyed. Sint-Andries It is named after a miner, Mr John A Agnew of Bewick, Moreing & Co., a local mining firm. The city is located on Champion Bay, discovered by Commander D Dring in the colonial schooner "Champion" in January 1840. "Cold Harbour" seemed an appropriate name for the estate, the beauty of the land with its loamy soil, winding streams and tall green timbers reflected the images of exuberantly green, river nourished farmlands of Stephen Stanley's native County of Kent. Undatarra, after a nearby spring, was selected as the name of the proposed siding, and when the townsite was gazetted in 1913 it also was named Undatarra. The river was named in 1848 by the Surveyor-General, John Septimus Roe, whilst undertaking an exploration of the area. Waterloo, Belgium

Despite Department of Lands & Surveys objections, the Railways persisted with the objections, and the name Neendaling was chosen as an alternative. Factory (the company produced tanning extracts).

A town on the north west coast, west of Roebourne, Dampier was first established as a port for Hamersley Iron in the 1960's. The townsite derives its name from the lake located a few kilometres to the west . In 1906 the government considered a subdivision, as there was already a school and racecourse in the area. This name was not acceptable to local settlers who proposed Lake Pingrup as an alternative. Jabbeke

The Geraldton area was first explored by George Grey in 1839. Land was set aside in 1873, although the townsite was not gazetted until 1885. Timber mill was established on the banks of the river in 1894. Mandiga was a railway siding on the Wyalcatchem-Mount Marshall railway when the line was opened in 1917, and when a townsite was being considered for this place in 1916 the name of the proposed siding was adopted for the townsite. The townsite of Wagerup is located in the south west agricultural region, 124 km south of Perth and 12 km south of Waroona. Townsite lots were laid out in 1887, but the townsite was not gazetted until 1894. Katanning was a private townsite, owned by the Western Australian Land Company around 1890, but the government had land reserved nearby at Pinwernying. The other was that the name was derived from the name of an Aboriginal woman. List of streets are available for 80% of suburbs. The name is Aboriginal, and may be related to the nearby Wilgee Spring which has been shown on maps of the area since 1894. They sought the declaration of a townsite in that year, but the government deferred such action until after the position of the Esperance-Norseman railway line was fixed. Moulyining is a townsite in the great southern agricultural area, 291 km south east of Perth between Dumbleyung and Kukerin. The townsite of Grey, located on the coast about 160 km north of Perth, is named after Captain (later Sir) George Grey of the 83rd Regiment. The locality of Chittering, located about 70 kilometres north east of Perth has been known by this name since first recorded by explorer George Fletcher Moore in 1836. The meaning of the name is not known. It is located on the early main track to the eastern pastoral region, established by C C hunt in 1864, and in 1876 the government set aside land here for police purposes. The townsite of Ravensthorpe is located in the south coastal region, 541 km east south east of Perth and 50 km north north west of the coastal town of Hopetoun.

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