29-October-2019  - The low pressure air trough has strengthened to be a tropical depression. Avec Molave, le Vietnam serait affecté par quatre tempêtes et une dépression tropicale ce mois-ci. The projected path in the next 12 hours is west. 5 in Vietnam in 2019.

After that, the direction of storms is down to the middle, which makes the coastal line of Danang, Hoi An, Hue, Nha Trang vulnerable. Lundi, vers 8 heures du matin, la tempête était centrée à environ 650 km à l’est-nord-est de l’îlot de Southwest Cay, avec des vents de 135 km / h, selon le National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.

you need to be more careful when picking the means of transport for discovering the site. Some cities with poor drainage can also suffer from floods. The thing is, sometimes you don’t have enough information about the country, you may don’t know where and how to have a safe transit to another place. These links are able to help you get the useful information about the weather in Vietnam. Mardi, vers 7 heures du matin, il sera 270 km au nord de Southwest Cay avec des vents pouvant atteindre 150 km / h. Pendant les prochaines 48 heures, il restera sur la bonne voie et atteindra la zone maritime entre Da Nang et Phu Yen vers 7 heures du matin mercredi. Make sure your moving vehicle has safety standards, good brake, tires have enough grip, the car lights bright enough, the turn signal is still working and full of gasoline. 07:00 A.M Typhoon Podul is 550km east south-east of the Luzon Island … Useful tools to keep yourself updated with the latest news. Have your experience the hard time when all the expectations of exciting outdoor activities are washed away with the raindrop? Typhoon Molave, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Quinta, was a powerful typhoon that impacted the Philippines and later Vietnam in October 2020, becoming the strongest to strike Vietnam since Typhoon Damrey in 2017.The eighteenth named storm and eighth typhoon of the 2020 Pacific typhoon season, Molave originated from a tropical depression that formed on October 23 east of Palau. In addition to the apps you’re using in your smartphones, we would like to recommend you some useful websites to have a look at the weather forecast in our country. However, they do not give us much information about storms or hurricanes that might be about to come. So, in this article, we will share with you some experiences to deal with the typhoon season in Vietnam. Il s’affaiblira dans une zone de basse pression à 7 heures jeudi matin. 5 is right on the coast of Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh and Phu Yen carrying sustained winds of 75-100kph. - 19:00 Typhoon No. – Do not forget to bring a scarf, as they will help you keep warm, prevent colds and fever due to changes of weather. And if you’re traveling on yourself, do not fear.

The projected path in the next 6 hours is west and it should melt away by then. 4 in Vietnam in 2019) 27-August-2019 Details Last Updated: Friday, 30 August 2019 01:00 27-August-2019. https://accuweather.com/en/vn/vietnam-weather. In the coastal regions, gales and heavy rains block traffic and all beach activities. – Suggested Vietnam – Cambodia 15 days 14 nights Itinerary. Une mer agitée et des vents violents peuvent être attendus dans certaines parties de la mer de Chine méridionale, que le Vietnam appelle la mer de l’Est, dans les prochaines 24 heures, selon le centre. This is Typhoon No. Vietnam Holidays, Travel Guide, Hotels, Vietnamese Food, News, Con Dao Islands Guide, Tourist Attractions, Phan Rang Thap Cham City Travel Guide, Tourist Spots, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Travel Guide, What to see, U Minh Thuong National Park Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions, Vietnam Adventure Travel – A Smart Choice for Vietnam Holidays, Typhoon Phanfone, No. Au cours des prochaines 24 heures, il se déplacera vers l’ouest à 20-25 km / h et s’intensifiera progressivement.

Just go and don’t worry about whatever can make you falter. There can be some time when you have booked the flight ticket, reserved a hotel room, only waiting for departure then the news of an upcoming storm with days of rain reaches you and drives you up the wall. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Le typhon Molave est entrée en mer de l’Est lundi matin et devrait souffler des vents de 150 km / h avant de toucher terre près de Da Nang dans les prochains jours. What To Know About Rainy Season in Vietnam? Molave a forcé près de 9000 personnes aux Philippines à fuir leurs maisons alors qu’elle a touché terre dimanche avec de fortes pluies et des vents violents, a rapporté Reuters . Suggested Vietnam – Cambodia 15 days 14 nights Itinerary, Podul Storm To Hit Vietnam: Latest News And Forecast. - 07:00 A.M Typhoon Matmo - Typhoon No.

As a result, Northern Vietnam, including such famous spots as Hanoi, Halong will be affected. You are having a perfect time, but a storm suddenly lands in your area, It’s raining cats and dogs all day long. If they can survive and smile, then you can too. The typhoon is to cause heavy rains in the Central Coast of Vietnam and the Central Highlands of Vietnam. – Where Do Indochina Tour Packages Guide You? If traveling with a tour, you absolutely can follow the instructions of the tour guide.

With more than ten years of experience in traveling and tourism with 97% of customer satisfaction, we will assist you in any situation and give you the best Plan B you can have.

The projected path in the next 24 hours is wnw. Le Vietnam bénéficie d’un climat chaud et humide toute l’année qui est tropical au sud et subtropical au nord marqué par deux saisons, la saison sèche et la saison humide ou mousson. Torrential rains in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen. The moving direction of the storm also varies by season. Most of the time, you can’t change the schedule, let alone cancel everything and losing your deposit? 5 is 500km east of the coastline of Binh Dinh - Ninh Thuan, north of the Spratly Islands carrying sustained winds of 60-75kph. Typhon Vietnam 2019 - 2020 | Good Morning Hoi An La dépression tropicale NOUL devient une tempête au large du centre du Vietnam (Septembre 2020) Remember to check the weather forecast before you go outside and always bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you. When the decision was made or still required to move in the stormy weather, you need to be more careful when picking the means of transport for discovering the site. Where Do Indochina Tour Packages Guide You? Therefore, if your initial destination is going to experience hard rain, you can visit other cities instead. 31-October-2019  - 04:00 A.M Typhoon Matmo - Typhoon No. Il continuera à avoir des vents de 150 km / h. Dans 72 heures, se déplaçant à environ 20 km / h, il touchera terre entre Da Nang et Phu Yen, avant de s’affaiblir dans une dépression tropicale. The tropical depression is to cause heavy rains in the Central Coast of Vietnam. They have a lot of experiences in these cases. So you should choose the compact and simple clothes like a tank top, shorts or skirts instead of jeans or heavy knitted jacket. Typhoons are most concentrated in August, September, and October. What it does is to provide information about the heat, humidity and the amount of rain in a specific area of Vietnam. 6 in Vietnam in 2019. So, based on the characteristics of the typhoon season, you can modify your itinerary to make the best out of your Vietnamese journey. A holiday should be all about relaxation instead of stressing for planning in the contingency. L’Observatoire de Hong Kong prévoit que la vitesse du vent augmentera à 165 km / h à 7 h mardi avant de diminuer à 145 km / h à 7 h mercredi lorsqu’il se rapprochera du Vietnam. L’avantage est qu’il ne fait jamais trop chaud à Hanoi et dans sa région (delta du fleuve Rouge) : 15 à 20 °C en journée, il peut même faire un peu frais (parfois moins de 10 °C la nuit). Why Dry Season In Vietnam Is Attracting Travellers? L’agence philippine de surveillance des catastrophes a déclaré avoir reçu des informations faisant état de routes et de ponts endommagés, d’inondations et de glissements de terrain dans certaines régions, mais il n’y a pas eu de victimes. Keep scrolling down to gain the best tips for your Vietnamese travel: In general, Vietnam is a tropical nation affected by the monsoon. Therefore, you still have most of the day to explore the top-rated tourist attractions. You’ll see how the local residents handle the harsh weather and even enjoy the rainy days. #1: As mentioned above, the great diversity in topography makes the weather among regions vary considerably. So do you wanna travel? 5 is 500km east of the coastline of Binh Dinh - Ninh Thuan, north of the Spratly Islands carrying sustained winds of 60-75kph. Although typhoon season in Vietnam can make you feel uncomfortable, you can make the typhoon seasonal journey to be a memorable experience, an unforgettable experience when adapting to circumstances, to enjoy and explore the beauty of the journey in the rain, you will have the opportunity to talk more with local people and partners. This means when one region is taken by storm; the others may still enjoy lovely days full of dazzling sunshine. During the first half of the typhoon months, the trajectory of storms is to the northwest, north or northeast. But stuff doesn’t always go as you plan it.

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