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Most of these advanced research projects rely on the production of innovative nanomaterials and/or composites such as pure or doped carbon nanomaterials and/or oxides, porous ceramics, pre-organized molecular platforms and semiconductive polymers. It is also the largest French university: 41058 students (including 20.5% foreign students), 11423 trainees in lifelong education, 4635 permanent staff (including 2477 teaching staff, 1872 technical and administrative staff), associated with 1386 researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff of the research organizations (CNRS, Inserm and INRA). The University of Strasbourg's 37 departments of studies cover 5 major academic fields: Arts, literature and languages; Law, economics, management and political science; Humanities and social sciences; Science and technologies; Health. The program is also closely tied to the prestigious SAGE (Society, Actors, Government in Europe) research laboratory, where mainly sociologists, historians and political scientists work on “Europe” and organize countless scientific and cultural events each year. Université de Strasbourg is one of the top Public universities in Strasbourg, France. Headline news, News. Life could be a little bit harder for those who don’t speak French throughout the country, though Strasbourg is an exception and very friendly to English speakers. The University of Freiburg was founded in 1457 and offers degrees (licence), teacher qualifications and more in all the major disciplines: human sciences, natural sciences and engineering, medicine, law and theology.This diversity also provides an ideal environment for innovative interdisciplinary studies. The university also works closely with national and international partners, making significant contributions to the advancement of the sciences and society. The international dimension is fundamental for the University of Strasbourg and thanks to the world-wide reputation of its research teams, built on excellence and efficiency, it emerges among Europe's foremost research universities. By virtue of its location in a city on the highly symbolic Franco-German border, which is host to several European institutions, organisations, and museums, Euroculture Strasbourg offers two axes of specialist study in line with the areas of expertise of its teaching staff: In both axes, academics will be joined by our associated professionals working in these domains. Listed below are the University's departments, faculties, schools and … Euroculture at the University of Strasbourg is hosted by the Faculty of Languages. After the Franco-German War ended in 1871, France ceded Strasbourg to Germany and the university was reorganized, becoming the Emperor William University of Strasbourg (1872–1918). The University of Strasbourg is strongly research-oriented and nearly 400 doctoral theses are submitted annually. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive regular content highlights direct to your inbox.

The university’s recent successes in competitions recognising “excellence” in research in 2007 and teaching in 2009 attest to its position as one of the major universities of the 21st century. Nous avons préparé votre rentrée afin qu’elle se... Sylviane MULLER, Directrice de recherche émérite au CNRS au sein de l’unité mixte de... Soutenez le développement de l’unique école de biotechnologies tri-nationale pour former les futurs... ESBS - École supérieure de biothechnologie Strasbourg - 2015-2020 - All rights reserved - Université de Strasbourg Many famous thinkers, excellent researchers and Nobel prize-winners have taught and carried out research at the University of Freiburg. : 03 68 85 46 80 The school was influenced from its beginning by the Protestant Reformation and subsequently by the continuing struggle between France and Germany for control of the province of Alsace. Join QS Leap, the most advanced free test-prep platform in the world. Estimation per month (housing, food, other expenses): €700-€800 Housing can be arranged through the university, which would make the monthly living costs a lot lower. The University of Basel attracts students from Switzerland and around the world, offering ideal study conditions for obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or PhD. Louis Pasteur University (, Selected universities and colleges of the world, Bonaventure, the German Dominicans and the new translations, List of colleges and universities in France, University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle, Walter Burley, Peter Aureoli and Gregory of Rimini. Facebook Page. For more in-depth information about QS Stars, please. The EPICUR Alliance has just signed a partnership agreement in Strasbourg, during its first Steering Committee. The University of Basel is well-established in an economically powerful and culturally rich region. Sciences Po Strasbourg constantly strives to maintain its founding values within the constraints of a changing world, remaining loyal to guiding principles while anticipating major shifts in society. It was suppressed in 1792 during the French Revolution and was succeeded in the early 19th century by various schools and faculties that were loosely consolidated into a new university. The EPICUR Alliance has just signed a partnership agreement in Strasbourg, during its first Steering Committee. Today it displays 30.000 minerals from all over the world as well as several thousands of objects such as scientific instruments and pedagogical material. In addition, “Unistra” is in close collaboration with neighbor Universities, especially in Germany and Switzerland. Home \ They are (with approximate specialisations in… …   Wikipedia, Walter Burley, Peter Aureoli and Gregory of Rimini — Stephen Brown THE END OF THE GREAT ERA Immediately after the glorious age of Bonaventure and Thomas Aquinas, the University of Paris, as we have seen, had a number of outstanding teachers. Une nouvelle année universitaire commence....

Since its creation in 1945 to the present day Sciences Po Strasbourg has carefully balanced the need for stability and on-going change. The University of Strasbourg offers a broad range of courses covering a variety of academic disciplines. All majors […] university, Strasbourg, France French Universités De Strasbourg I, Ii, And Iii, autonomous state financed institutions of higher learning in Strasbourg, Fr., established in 1970 under France s 1968 Orientation Act, reforming higher…

/sites/all/themes/topuni/assets/images/profile/uni-cover-default.jpg, /sites/all/themes/topuni/assets/images/profile/uni-cover-default-mobile.jpg. Solidly anchored in the European Higher Education Area, the University of Strasbourg, a beating heart of the Alsatian metropolis with its 55,000 students (of which more than 20% come from abroad), has the potential to face the challenging international competition.

All rights reserved. It confirms the support of the European Commission and strengthens the cooperation within the consortium to become an attractive, innovative European university, geared to the new generation of European citizens, to face the great societal challenges of the Europe of tomorrow. Université de Strasbourg Since January 1st 2009, three universities located in Strasbourg: Louis Pasteur, Marc Bloch and Robert Schuman have merged to form the new University of Strasbourg. All rights reserved. Please check the specific English language requirements for your chosen course with the university. The original university was founded by Protestants in 1537 as a German gymnasium (secondary school for the study of the classics) when Strasbourg was under German rule. The degree programmes and courses listed below currently redirect to the French version of our website.

Learn more about University of Strasbourg program & courses, review engineering, business management, social sciences, foreign language, art, computer sciences programs info & much more Each of the University's main academic fields of instruction is based upon research sections that are the driving force of the institution, with over 2,600 professors and staff. The University of Strasbourg offers a broad range of courses covering a variety of academic disciplines. Listed below are the University's departments, faculties, schools and institutes. The University of Freiburg employs more than 7000 teachers, external teachers and other associates. It provides a detailed look at an institution, identifying which universities rate highest in the specific topics that matter to you, like facilities, graduate employability, social responsibility, inclusiveness, and more. The seven faculties of the University of Basel encompass a wide range of academic subjects. It is also a university in the heart of the city of Strasbourg, located on 4 major sites and several other locations in the region of Alsace, counting more than … Its internationally renowned research provides a high-quality education incorporating the latest scientific discoveries. EPICUR Alliance: 8 partners gathered in Strasbourg to sign the partnership agreement strengthening their cooperation.

The University of Strasbourg's 37 departments of studies cover 5 major academic fields: Arts, literature and languages; Law, economics, management and political science; Humanities and social sciences; Science and technologies; Health. The University of Strasbourg is strongly research-oriented and nearly 400 doctoral theses are submitted annually. Phone: (+33) 03 68 85 66 48  (Valentin Haumesser, Coordinator) Partner Universities: Europe \

The University of Strasbourg has also a strong commitment to build an Upper Rhine academic community with the Universities of Basel, Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Mulhouse. In 2003, he became a Full Professor at University of Strasbourg, where he teaches bio-polymer science, bio-materials, composites, plastic processing and polymers characterisation.

The University of Basel places particular emphasis on sustainability, equal opportunities and knowledge transfer. The University of Strasbourg is strongly research-oriented and nearly 400 doctoral theses are submitted annually. Université de Strasbourg, "Since it is the place where the Council of Europe is located, Strasbourg certainly has many advantages for students who would like to continue their studies about Europe — many hearings from the European Court of Human Rights are open to the public, and there are many activities students could benefit from, such as the European Youth Event, World Forum of Democracy, and many public speeches in the European institutions. Courses are taught in 37 faculties, schools and institutes, and research performed in 86 laboratories and research centers. Henry of Ghent, following in the path of Bonaventure, was …   History of philosophy, Martin Luther and antisemitism — Antisemitism Part of Jewish history …   Wikipedia, Mises, Richard von — ▪ American mathematician born April 19, 1883, Lemberg, Austria Hungary [now Lviv, Ukraine] died July 14, 1953, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.       Austrian born American mathematician, engineer, and positivist philosopher (Positivism) who notably… …   Universalium, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Strasbourg Strasbourg Cathedral towering above the Old Town …   Wikipedia, Selected universities and colleges of the world — ▪ Table Selected universities and colleges of the world Africa Europe and Russia Asia North America and the Caribbean Australia and Oceania South America Africa country institution (location) founding year Algeria Mentouri University… …   Universalium, List of public universities in France — This is a list of the eighty three [The French Ministry of Education commonly refers to there being eighty seven public universities.

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