It's definitely up there, but it hasn't been used extensively enough to know for sure. Is Supermanium the strongest fictional metal? There also are weapons made from metals called Gravite (Level 55) and Chaotic (Level 80) that you can take outside of Deamonheim as a reward. There are several kinds of Adamantium, including True Adamantium, Secondary Adamantium, and Beta Adamantium. agents and enslaved natives of the Savage Land to mine Anti-Metal. Non-Asgardians also were able to shatter the uru metal as well: the Molecule Man was able to atomize it thanks to his ability to control and manipulate matter. @Flimzy, one of the close reasons is for asking for real-life explanations of sci-fi elements. [23], Famed Wakandan scientist and Wakanda University professor Obinna Nwabueze discovered a new form of vibranium. Thor fought against Fenris and Ulik who were both armed with weapons made from uru. Another uru weapon was Jarnbjorn, the weapon that Thor used before he was worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. Wolverine nemesis Omega Red is known to have tentacles made from the stuff. The story "Flags of Our Fathers", which happens during World War II, tells how Black Panther, Captain America.

Should we take a moment to picture Thor with a vibranium hammer? In Real Life, a metal is an element of the periodic table which belongs to one of certain groups/columns and has a specific type crystal lattice with free electrons.In fiction, especially fantasy, a metal is shiny stuff with wonderful properties like super strength, lightness, magic resistance and so on, often not resembling any of the metals found in the periodic table. It absorbs magic like a sponge, and. To protect this resource, they concealed their country from the outside world. Chris is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. With the help of Loki, Geirrodur became the king of trolls by overthrowing the previous ruler, Veidemaris. The bracelets have only been seen being damaged or destroyed when they have been de-powered or replaced with non-powered duplicates. Looking at the length and weight of Mjolnir, those dimensions would place the density of the hammer at 2.13 grams per cubic centimeter, making the material lighter than aluminum!

It was first discovered by the famous explorer named Robert Plunder; the father of Kevin and Parnival Plunder during his initial jaunt in the primordial environment untouched by time. It seems able to store most energies, particularly magic. When you think of Thor and his hammer, the relationship is symbiotic, but dissimilar to the connection between Eddie Brock and the venom symbiote. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As mighty as his weapon may seem, it has been damaged or destroyed on more than one occasion, and Thor looks completely surprised every single time it's happened. No. Ebony is a dark grayish/brownish/purplish mineral with some characteristics of volcanic glass, basically the equivalent to. However, one thing known is that the more magic there is, the stronger it will be. While not … [6], When Wakanda was politically taken over by the xenophobic Desturi, they granted Doctor Doom access to the country's vibranium vaults. - The IG-100 MagnaGuards use Phrik in their electrostaffs. - The Vibranium alloy of Captain's America's shield.

Marvelium is the next metal we'll be talking about, and it's one of the least well-known on this list. Uru (comics), the fictional metal in Marvel Comics, from which Thor's hammer Mjolnir is made; Uru (The Lion King), a fictional lioness character; Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, a 2003 computer game Myst Online: Uru Live, a 2007 online version of the original game; Uru, a 2017 Tamil-language horror thriller film; Other The game has several made-up metals, such as ", Later, the Chlorophyte can be refined into Shroomite using Glowing Mushrooms or Spectre bars using Ectoplasm, but that would be the last you'd see of this trope from that point up until the. The next time you successfully start your car or crack open a cold soda or beer, make sure you think of the basic metals that make up that can. - Lex Luthor's advanced smelting process. [18], Much like natural Wakandan vibranium, Antarctic vibranium can cause human mutations. Uru is used as the key component in several characters' equipment, including: Uru is also used in the bits and scoops of the trolls of Asgard, thereby enabling them to dig holes into other dimensions. It is found only on Solstheim, as are the only people who still know how to smith it. It's what gives him his silver skin.

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