Plumes of warm air from Africa are expected. Some are predicting the UK will see the hottest spring since records began, with the Met Office saying a much warmer than usual March to May is five times more likely than cooler conditions. High pressure close to the UK and mild Atlantic winds will bring the warmest conditions further north on Friday.

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said: “While it will be cooler in Scotland on Friday elsewhere it will be fine, dry and sunny, the southeast is looking at a much better day compared to Thursday.

Cyclone Veronica: Destructive winds BATTER Australia - RED ALERT.

UK weather forecast: Spring set to be HOTTEST ON RECORD, UK weather forecast: Met Office predicts GLORIOUS heatwave this week. Highest and Lowest April Temperatures In London Bookies have started to slash the odds on a record-breaking spring scorcher as temperatures rise across Britain. “The probability UK average temperatures will fall into the warmest of our five categories is 50 per cent. Source: UK Environment Agency The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “With computer models strongly favouring a warm spring, there is potential for the record for the hottest spring to be challenged. From Wednesday through to Friday it will be mostly dry, but often with cloudy skies and intermittent sunshine. However wind, rain and lower temperatures will dampen spirits after tomorrow with a less than cheery weekend picture on the cards. “However, weather systems are expected to push in from the Atlantic at the start of this period. ", Nebraska flooding: Record-breaking floods force THOUSANDS to evacuate, UK weather forecast: Temperatures to SOAR as African plume to arrive, UK weather forecast: This week temperatures are on the up. UK Climate Averages. Odds have been cut from 5/2 to just 6/4 that this is the hottest ever spring. Eastern Britain and the south coast may also enjoy a return to warmer weather as mild breezes flood in from the Continent. Monday started chilly for many but then brightened with sunny skies for most of England and Wales. While not a complete washout, temperatures will take a dip on Mother’s Day with the best of the weather forecast across southern England. The northwest will experience wetter and breezier weather, but it will warm up towards the east. From Wednesday through to Friday it will be mostly dry, but often with cloudy skies and intermittent sunshine. “26C highs are likely in April.

UK weather forecast: Britain braced for ROLLERCOASTER of HEAVY SNOW, UK weather forecast: Britain braced for VIOLENT CYCLONIC SYSTEM, UK weather forecast: Britain is set to bake in glorious sunshine, UK weather forecast: Temperatures will soar across Britain, especially in the south-east, UK weather forecast: Britain could be hit with the hottest spring in years, UK weather forecast: HELLSTORM HANNAH to batter Britain with SNOW, UK weather forecast: FREEZING wind, hail and snow to strike NEXT WEEK, UK weather: Britain to SIZZLE in 70F heat due to TROPICAL PLUME. The average temperature for April is usually around 11.5C, and the highest ever temperature recorded during that month has been 29.4C. Midlands corresponds to West and East Midlands, except Lincolnshire. Across this week, the weather will generally be fine with sunny spells according to the Met Office.

“However elsewhere in parts of the UK north of the Wash it will be cloudier and cooler with the risk of patchy rain. Despite the changeable outlook this weekend and into next week the next significant blast of heat could not be too far away, experts say.

UK weather forecast: Sunny skies have been covering the UK since the weekend (Image: GETTY) The average temperature for April is usually around …

A Met Office spokesman added: “A front will bring a drop in temperatures and outbreaks of rain as it pushes southeastwards on Tuesday. Across the whole month, the average temperature for April is a cool 9°C with highs of 13°C and lows of 6°C. Weather charts show ground temperatures rocketing to 24C (75.2F) in East Anglia and parts of south-eastern England towards the end of the first week of April. Not all forecasts currently agree on the early April outlook painting a cooler and stormier picture than others. For the northwest, there will be cloudier skies and the potential for showery rain. “As such the most unsettled and wettest weather is likely to be in the north and northeast, whilst it should stay drier towards the south and southwest. Norfolk Broads Weather April Averages, United Kingdom. Met Office. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Weather charts show ground temperatures rocketing to 24C (75.2F) in East Anglia and parts of south-eastern England towards the end of the …

Flood Alert in effect. Eastern England is the land lying northeast of London.

Bookmakers Ladbrokes have slashed odds on this spring being the warmest on record. According to Met Office figures, March is already 2.2C warmer than usual, and we could see temperatures of 17C in some places this week.The Met Office three-month forecast predicted: “For March-May, above-average temperatures are more likely than below-average.“The probability UK average temperatures will fall into the warmest of our five categories is 50 per cent. Express. Daytime temperatures usually reach 13°C in London, UK in April, falling to 5°C at night. Some forecasters even see Britain potentially reaching as hot as 26C in April. A spokesman said: “As is typical for spring, there is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast as we go further through April. Express. “It will be chilly overnight with the chance of frosts in places under clear skies.”. Temperatures are finally beginning to heat up as we head into spring, with glorious sunny skies across the UK over the weekend and into the start of the week. For most of the UK it was a dry sunny month, with 77% of average rainfall and 117% of average sunshine, but rainfall was above average in Norfolk and in parts of western Scotland.

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