Greg Bryk, | There is a debate about whether Wolfen belongs on any werewolf movies list, let alone a list of the best werewolf movies. I found that the dramatic realism of the scenarios couldn't be sustained too long without compromising the intensity I was seeking to convey. 90 min Directors: The consensus on werewolf movies points to John Landis' 1981 film being the best of the best.

Fred Dekker's cult classic about a gang of Universal Monsters coerced by Count Dracula into taking over the world includes two very '80s transformation scenes starring the Wolfman: one in an ambulance and the other in a phone booth. Howl may have the unintended side effect of stopping you from ever boarding a train. This 2002 movie, which combines comedy and action in equal measure, is about an epic battle between soldiers and dogs—technically, vicious werewolves—in the remote wilderness of Scotland. Instead of a single, doomed protagonist, the soldiers "turn" one at a time. Stars: David Tabori learns that his recurring nightmares have been telling him that he's a werewolf; and Jennie Rowlands, whose father Charlie wants her to be a country music star, would rather be a photographer. Plus. Vinnie Bilancio, But zombies are on a whole new level. | Granted, he’s only made ten ... Martin Scorsese directed movies make up some of the greatest films ever made. | And without further ado, steer clear of the full moon, stock up on silver and check out our picks for the 13 best werewolf movies of all time. Do your research before you try to come off as smarter than someone else. Ok, dude, read this very carefully. Horror, Thriller, Young Eric has been bitten by a werewolf. Everett McGill, So do me a solid man, atleast READ my pieces before you insult them, because only YOU end up looking like the fool. 94 min 91 min To do so, he must find and kill the founder of his ... See full summary », Stars: Fox's starring role in the 1985 high school-set movie Teen Wolf.

| | Horror, Sci-Fi. It returns the werewolf to its 19th Century roots and attempts to capture its gothic grandeur. Director: It is annoying. The brevity of each scene was one of the reasons I chose to release them together. Stars: 86 min Juliana Rojas When I saw this post my first thought was “If he doesn’t give it up for the transformation scene in American Werewolf in London I’m going to have to include a long rant in the comments.” I was then very happy to find that picture and caption right at the start. This is not so much a werewolf transformation scene, as it is a scene of a guy slowly turning into Alan Moore. Stars:

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