The Legend Of The Phoenix- Is It All Just Folklore. But did you know that in many cultures, birthmarks have interesting myths tied to them? Not only that, but if the woman touches a particular location on her body while experiencing the emotion, that is where the birthmark will appear on her baby’s body.

For example, in rural India, where illiteracy and poverty is endemic, there are cases where men and women are cast off because of these marks.

November 2, 2020, 11:11 am, by You can even cover them up using makeup!

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See my  publication regarding moles and superstitions in linked .

However, if she desired to eat beets or jelly her baby will come with a port-wine stain. September 8, 2017, 11:02 pm, by For example, an infantile haemangioma, which is a bright red lump made up of a group of blood vessels that grow toget… If your mark is in the shape of a flame, it's a sign of death by fire. Another lore has it that if an expecting mother touches her body in the same spot regularly while walking, the baby will be born with a birthmark in the exact same spot. Animal shaped birthmarks can indicate a special connection with the animal kingdom, and specific to the spirit animal teachings.

Something that made me sad for not having one. It also helps in finding cure or treatment for large nevi.

According to the Chinese culture, where a birthmark is located is also said to have a meaning. Other birthmarks may resemble an animal’s paw, a feather, or even wings. For your information, they are just myths. Vascular (blood vessel) Birthmarks are the most popular. var _g1; Laser treatments are always one of the most effective treatments to get rid of pigmentation on the skin. In Kazakhstan, they are considered as beauty. Your email address will not be published. It is just a mark that has got nothing to do with prediction of your future!▶ People tend to believe that all birthmarks are cancerous. What if you're a boxer with a dog paw print on your hand? The Real Story Behind the Cartoon Nobita and Doraemon, Who Was Shinchan In Real Life? A common myth involving birthmark is that “if a mother does not satisfy a sudden wish or craving for strawberries, then the infant might bear a strawberry mark”.

Anamika Tiwari Did You Know That Lemons Are Man-Made And Pineapples Are Berries?! There are several different kinds of birthmarks. Paranormal Zone,The Haunting Dimensions- PZHD Facebook, Paranormal Zone,The Haunting Dimensions- PZHD Twitter, Paranormal Zone,The Haunting Dimensions- PZHD Google+, Paranormal Zone,The Haunting Dimensions- PZHD Linkedin, Paranormal Zone,The Haunting Dimensions- PZHD YouTube, Grief Guilt Happiness How To Huntington’s Disease Impulse Control Disorder Intimacy Loneliness, Medication, Memory ,MidLife Crisis ,Mindfulness Monogamy Morality Motivation Neuroticism Optimism, sleep,Stage Fright Stereotypes Stress Success Stories Synesthesia, Bipolar Body Dysmorphic Disorder Body Language Bullying. In French, the word birthmark is called, There is a book called “The Birth-Mark”. ▶ Some believe that a birthmark is an angel’s kiss or a devil’s mark that is there on the body to indicate something mysterious. If you have a birthmark on your abdomen or stomach it means you are greedy and self-centered. Below are some. } catch(e) {}.

Vascular birthmarks are believed to form when blood vessels under or in the skin don’t develop in a normal way. })(120000); Having one on … Beyond being a result of pregnancy cravings and gazing at eclipses, birthmarks are also said to be omens about people’s lives. Not all birthmark connotations are negative though.

Birthmarks are not caused by anything that a pregnant woman …

Some myths connect birthmark meanings to astrology. Apparently, anyway. As an esteemed aesthetic physician, Dr Loo is well known for always putting patient's safety and satisfaction as her number one priority. Stranger things have happened. "If a pregnant woman meets a hare, her baby may be born with a hare lip (cleft lip), because the hare is a witch in animal form" - cleft lip birth defect myth. Speaking of farm animals, a birthmark in the shape of one member of the animal kingdom could be interpreted as a sign that you have a special connection with that animal, one on a spiritual level. Old sayings say they speak of the mother’s unfulfilled desires, but also about the child’s future. If the pregnant woman had touched a certain part of her body while she was looking at the eclipse, her child would have been marked for life. Have you ever gotten nervous on Friday the 13th? A more modern belief is that mothers who undergo x-ray scanning during pregnancy can also leave a birthmark on the baby's skin! Old sayings say they speak of the mother’s unfulfilled desires, but also about the child’s future. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. According to Chinese culture, if you have a birthmark on your right foot, it means you are adventurous, and if it's on your left foot, you are extremely intelligent. . These are signs that you have a built-in protective shield from potentially harming influences overtaking your life. However, the shapes of birthmarks may have a particular meaning to some people and a different meaning to others. The most common marks resemble snakes, cats, rabbits, or birds. Birthmarks either develop when the baby is in the womb or when it has just been delivered. In Japan, it is a common practice for pregnant women to be forbidden to look at fire or to look into flames. There are plenty of ancient beliefs and stories about birthmarks that originate from all around the planet. try {

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Actually, some birthmarks can be suggestive of the presence of diseases. Chocolate cravings, meanwhile, apparently lead to light brown cafe Au lait spots.At this point, what with the tendency of women to experience pregnancy cravings, you’re probably wondering how most of us managed to get away with just one or two birthmarks and not hundreds! In Nigeria, many people believe that birthmarks point to evidence of a previous life, meaning that people who have them have been born before. Star and heart shaped birthmarks are believed to be accompanied with luck. They are light brown in color, however, café au lait spots can darken with sun exposure.

Even though we know that the blood vessel-clumping makes a birthmark a birthmark, we don’t know why this happens in the first place. In some countries the name birthmark means craving, wish or desire. Birthmarks can be safely removed by use of effective methods which entirely relies on the type of the mark. passion for travel (men), determination (women), Born of love…. If you want a birthmark removed for cosmetic reasons, you'll have to pay to have it done privately.

According to Black Cats & Four-Leaf Clovers: The Origins of Old Wives' Tales and Superstitions in Our Everyday Lives, birthmarks were once thought to be a sign that a …

1.6k Views Mythology aside, what are the interesting facts about birthmarks? Birthmarks are not caused by anything that a pregnant woman does or doesn’t do during her pregnancy.

On the other hand, some marks are said to be gifts from heavenly powers for example angle kisses kind of birthmarks. Here's an interesting story we heard from one of our patients. Harshitha Satish

e.g. She has highly certified qualifications from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, and in Practical Dermatology from Cardiff University. It seems like these marks have several interpretations influenced by cultural beliefs, color, size and location on our body like every other thing around us. If you're looking to get a laser treatment for yourself or a loved one to get rid of a birthmark, call us at +6011-22882299, WhatsApp us here, or book an appointment with Dr Loo here! One myth is that the placement of a birthmark could indicate where one was fatally wounded in a past life.

Whether or not you put any kind of stock into superstitions like these, it's always entertaining to exploit these stories for fun or to draw inspiration from them as a conversation starter. Required fields are marked *. Ashrika Tyagi ▶ Japanese ladies, at times, believe that if they witness fire when they are pregnant, their baby will have a burn mark on the skin.

Many theories have been put forth regarding this. . "If you eat many strawberries during your pregnancy, your baby may be born with a strawberry mark." In Iranian lore, it is thought that if a woman touches her belly as watches a solar eclipse, her baby will come with a birthmark. In one instance, a woman who looks too often at another individual will birth a child resembling that individual. The old wives’ tales have left their own mark on many different cultures. And among the Chinese , the shape of your nose is said to reveal whether or not you will be wealthy. A birthmark could also indicate your gender from a previous life; I'll leave it to the reader to imagine what the shape of those birthmarks might be, or their placement. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source');

. Birthmarks are too said to determine if you will be lucky or not. September 22, 2017, 10:48 pm, by

Pigmented birthmarks are believed to form when the cells that produce pigment in your skin overgrow. Prachi We want to be able to explain causes and manipulate outcomes. Why Do We Have Superstitions For These 11 Things?

Dr Loo Keng Shien is a Consultant Aesthetic Physician with a special interest in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine.

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