The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union also has put out helpful hints for statistics in volleyball that was provided by the NCAA in their document of “NCAA Tips for Volleyball Statistics”: A dig is never awarded when a team brings up a ball that remains on their side of the net via a blocking action (commonly called a cover or continue in Stat Crew, or a “putback”) – only on an attacked ball. Thats A LOT of digs in three sets. “.

An attack is awarded off a tipped ball — it doesn’t have to be a hard-hit attack in order to count. A dig is never awarded when a team brings up a ball that remains on their side of the net via a blocking action (commonly called a cover or continue in Stat Crew, or a “putback”) – only on an attacked ball. In the situation where a player digs the ball and the next player kills the ball, award the player who dug the ball the dig and the assist. To improve your team’s pass­ing num­ber, it’s impor­tant to elim­i­nate ser­vice recep­tion errors and focus on incre­men­tal improve­ments. In order for a dig to be tallied, there must be an attack from the other side of the net. The question is "What is a volleyball hitting percentage and what is considered a good number?" Easy to learn. Why is this a problem? Those are the ONLY balls that can be dug.”. Stat Line. Here are some marks to shoot for: This stat mea­sures your team’s abil­i­ty to serve the ball in play. Hitting per­cent­age is cal­cu­lat­ed by total­ing kills, sub­tract­ing the hit­ting errors, then divid­ing that num­ber by the total num­ber of attempts.

Volleyball Game (Set) A volleyball game or set is played to a predetermined number of points. Receiving a free ball is not considered a dig because it is not coming from an attack.

For devel­op­ing teams, this is a per­fect stat to get a han­dle on. It’s cal­cu­lat­ed by tak­ing the num­ber of serves in play, sub­tract­ing the serv­ing errors, and divid­ing by total attempt­ed serves. A serve reception does not count as a dig.

But hit­ting per­cent­age is the num­ber that should be mon­i­tored because it’s more telling of over­all efficiency. As a coach, your chal­lenge is to fig­ure out a win­ning for­mu­la for your team.

If an opponent’s hit over the net is not determined as an attack attempt (i.e. But if you start by incor­po­rat­ing these into your review process, you’ll get a more objec­tive view of per­for­mance and can use that to help your team improve.

‎This app allows the tracking of volleyball stats for up to 14 players at the same time with a simple tap of a button.

A dig can result from bringing up a tipped ball, not just a hard-hit attack. The qual­i­ty of an oppos­ing team’s pass­es often direct­ly impacts their abil­i­ty to side-out.

Passing is a key skill because it dic­tates your team’s abil­i­ty to run a suc­cess­ful offen­sive. Download Tap VolleyBall - Stat tracker and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Try loading this page again in a moment. A hitting percentage is the number which calculates your hitting efficiency. I don't think the example of where the ball is barely grazed for a second contact counts as a dig, but where the teammate completely messes up a 2nd contact it would still be a dig… Winning the serve-pass game is a recipe for vic­to­ry.

Beach dig : A dig made using both hands and fingers to surround the ball, squeeze and actually slightly lift the ball.Allowed when defending against a hard hit on the beach. For a little refresher, here is the link to the “NCAA Tips For Volleyball Statistics”, Class of 2022 and 2023 Setters Spark Early WI Top 250 Spots, For a little refresher, here is the link to the, Des Moines Roosevelt, Wisconsin Athletes Closeout PD Fall Events, Prep Dig Tournaments: Do-It-All Setters – Part 3.

Team A’s digs CANNOT total more than the opponent’s total attacks minus their kills and errors. Uses the most intuitive stat entry method of all… the volleyball court itself! This is just a taste of all the stats vol­ley­ball coach­es can keep an eye on. Using a stat line also works very well when a coach doesn't have enough time to chart events. If this problem persists, please report it to us on our support forum! The ones who are keeping statistics need to be well informed of the rules (and I know there are some great stat keepers out there and kudos to them).

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