All eight main characters appear physically in all 36 episodes as well as the movie. He is the only main character to not have his name appear in an episode title. He takes great pleasure in his own bodily functions, and is frequently seen looking at pornography.

The premise for his character is that he has been directly downloaded from the Internet, and as such, he is a parody of the immature characters found in bad Internet Flash cartoons.

Drawn Together when he is hiding underneath the trenchcoat, leading one to believe that this may have been the first time.

His penis is corkscrew shaped, which is in fact the shape pigs penises are. He seems to have an untreated bladder infection, as references are made at least twice to him urinating blood, and a pitcher of his bright red pee is visible in "The Lemon-AIDS Walk" (this scene only appearing in the DVD version).

Spanky Ham (voiced by Adam Carolla): A sex-obsessed, toilet-humored, obnoxious anthropomorphic pig and a parody of various Internet Flash cartoon characters (specifically from Newgrounds) as well as The Real World: San Francisco cast member David "Puck" Rainey.

Spanky Ham is a fictional character in the animated series Drawn Together. Spanky Ham is one of the eight main characters in the animated series Drawn Together. [1]

Ron Jeremy According to the show's creators, Spanky Ham is a parody of crass Internet flash animation cartoons. Spanky Ham is a character from the cartoon series Drawn Together.

In "Terms of Endearment," he lists the "playful advances" of one's shop teacher as an example of something that should not be forgotten. Toot Braunstein is sort of a 1920s-1940s sex-symbol. Though as with all the other housemates, there have been gags suggesting same-sex relationships on Spanky's part (particularly an instance where he plays "spin the bottle" with Hero and Wooldoor), Spanky is one of the few housemates who is unquestionably straight. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Spanky once entered into a gay marriage with Xandir for free health insurance, but was unable to force himself to have sex with Xandir, which nearly prevented him from getting the insurance. ~ Spanky Ham. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Though Spanky is seldom the focal point of a story and has the least amount of appearences out of the rest of the characters, he doesn't hurt for screen time.

", which he always utters right before disaster strikes. He's constantly crude and sex-obsessed.

contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some.

Clara and Xandir have no dialogue in \"Breakfast Food Killer\", Toot is without dialogue in \"Foxxy VS the Board of Education\" and \"Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care\", Clara was without dialogue in \"The Drawn Together Clip Show\" and Ling-Ling does not speak in Dirty Pranking No.

Spanky was seen crapping on a bunch of pizzas as a prank.

Spanky's personality was originally based on Puck from The Real World: San Francisco, though his personality changed midway through the first season to the point where the Puck parallel no longer applied. In "Terms of Endearment", he lists the "playful advances" of one's shop teacher as an example of something that should not be forgotten; given his previous admission, it is possible Spanky is speaking from experience.

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