[205], In 2019, LBC's Iain Dale and a "panel of experts" placed Gove third in a list of that year's 'Top 100 Most Influential Conservatives'. [180] In 2019, he reiterated "One thing I have always been since I was a boy is a Zionist" and spoke of his desire to "celebrate everything that Israel and the Jewish people have brought to the life of this world and hold it dear to our hearts" and that "For as long as I have breath in my body and a platform on which to argue I shall be on your side, by your side and delighted and honoured to argue, powerfully I hope, on behalf of people who have contributed so powerfully to the life of this nation".

After Cameron’s sudden resignation as prime minister following the vote in favour of Brexit on 23 June 2016, Gove initially threw his weight behind Johnson in the battle for succession. The Tory membership is Conservative by name and conservative by nature. "[69] However, interviewer Faisal Islam interrupted Gove after the word "experts",[70] causing some sources to report that he had made a general statement that "the people... have had enough of experts".

In February 2020, Gove took on additional responsibilities as the Minister for the Cabinet Office, succeeding Oliver Dowden, who had been appointed Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, in Johnson's first large reshuffle of his government.

[89], After his appointment, Gove announced that a microbead ban would be put into place by the end of 2017. Much more seriously, his advocacy as education secretary of a centralised, prescriptive national curriculum was confounded by his simultaneous and equally strenuous push for the conversion of state schools into autonomous academies that were freed from any obligation to follow a national curriculum.

Michael Gove is to stand for the Conservative leadership, saying he does not believe Boris Johnson has the necessary leadership skills to lead the country. You can next check out Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 7, 2017. ‘Richard Evans may hold a professorship,’ he told the Daily Mail in 2014, after I had attacked him for claiming that Britain had fought the First World War for democracy, ‘but these arguments, like the interpretations of Oh!

Despite the crowded field, a survey by the ConservativeHome website has put May and Johnson far out in front of other contenders, with the home secretary very narrowly ahead on 29% to 28% of those who responded.

Recognising his talent, his parents scrimped and saved to send him to Aberdeen’s most prestigious private school, Robert Gordon’s College, where he eventually won a scholarship.

Judges are rarely held to account for the inefficiencies of their courts, they aren’t held up to public scrutiny for their failures and there’s no penalty for those whose leisurely procrastination deprives children of a loving home. “I want there to be an open and positive debate about the path the country will now take. Please include name, address and a telephone number. Gove’s hyperactive promotion of constant reform, Bennett remarks, was more in keeping with Trotsky’s idea of permanent revolution than with the middle of the road political position espoused by Gove’s one-time hero Blair. In March, for example, he declared firmly: ‘We didn’t vote to leave without a deal.

But I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead. [35] Prior to the 2010 general election, most of Gove's questions in Commons debates concerned children, schools and families, education, local government, council tax, foreign affairs, and the environment. [citation needed] In December 2008, he wrote that declarations of either victory or defeat in Iraq in 2003 were premature, and that the liberation of Iraq was a foreign policy success. He insisted among other things that Brexit would not lead to a compromise on food hygiene and safety standards in the search for new trade deals. Given the continuing stalemate on the issue in the House of Commons, the government is now trying to achieve a no deal Brexit without its approval, suspending Parliament for five weeks, a period unprecedented in length since 1945. [123], Over a five-month period between December 2005 and April 2006, Gove claimed more than £7,000 on a house bought with his wife Sarah Vine, in 2002. [183] Gove said that jihadist terrorists "hate Israel, and they wish to wipe out the Jewish people's home, not because of what Israel does but because of what Israel is – free, democratic, liberal and western.

When I was adopted, my dad had a 20-a-day Peter Stuyvesant habit and my mum had nothing in common with the woman who gave birth to me. Gove would pick an extreme view on a controversial topic and hold forth, desperate to argue the seemingly unarguable.’ An article he wrote opposing the Good Friday Agreement was ‘classic Gove. The ban arrived in early 2018. I love them for having made sacrifices for my education, for doing without foreign holidays, a new car or the conservatory they’d dreamed of so I could be given every opportunity. [106], By 5 June, Boris Johnson became the clear frontrunner with the bookmakers, with Gove second favourite, followed closely by Jeremy Hunt.

He treated professional teachers as enemies of promise and seemed to regard them as part of a leftist establishment that blindly resisted change. The Prime Minister has given our crusade his backing, calling for a culture change in society’s attitude towards adoption and insisting that agencies should abandon a tick-box mentality towards potential parents. We must ensure we are ready", "Gove: EU 'refusing to negotiate' on Brexit", "Gove: No-deal dossier is 'worst-case scenario, "Brexit: Gove won't commit to abide by law to block no deal", "Gove portrait 'visible from space' appears on beach in Brexit protest", "Labour MP Chris Bryant is backed by senior Tories including Michael Gove to succeed John Bercow as Speaker", "The ITV election debate: your complete guide to Johnson v Corbyn", "Conservatives and Channel 4 clash after Michael Gove turned away from climate debate", "Michael Gove forced to clarify lockdown rules on children with separated families after confusion", "Brexit: Door 'still ajar' for EU trade talks, says Gove", "Michael Gove 'flipped' homes: MPs' expenses", "No base in the borough for Surrey Heath MP", "Michael Gove faces questions over use of private email", "Michael Gove aides accused of deleting government correspondence", "Michael Gove loses 'private email' battle", "Tony Blair may be an admirer of Ukrainian mills, but not on the basis of British ones he's visited", "Michael Gove appeals against ruling on misuse of email", "Michael Gove aides 'destroyed government emails, "Michael Gove Attacked For 'Blackadder' Comments On 'Left-Wing' Whitewash Of WW1 History", "Michael Gove criticises 'Blackadder myths' about First World War", "Michael Gove, using history for politicking is tawdry", "Labour condemns Michael Gove's 'crass' comments on First World War", "Cambridge history professor hits back at Michael Gove's 'ignorant attack, "Jeremy Paxman accuses Michael Gove of 'wilfully misquoting' historian", "Full transcript of interview with Donald Trump", "Michael Gove secures first post-election UK interview with Trump", "Michael Gove gorges on cheesy puff of Donald Trump interview", "Michael Gove Mocked For Donald Trump Thumbs Up Photograph", "Michael Gove apologises after sparking outrage with Harvey Weinstein joke on Today programme", "Michael Gove apologises for 'clumsy' Weinstein joke on Today", "Gove sparks outcry for Weinstein joke that 'trivialises sexual assault, "Michael Gove admits to taking cocaine on 'several occasions, "Gove criticised cocaine users pushing for legalisation in 1999 column", "What's on Michael Gove's bookshelf? There's an equanimity, an impermeability and a courage that you need. ", "Syria debate: Michael Gove brands Tory and Lib Dem rebels a disgrace", "Michael Gove says he was angry at Labour MPs who cheered Syria vote", "Saudi prisons contract: Gove and Hammond clash over deal", "Key Tory MPs backed call to dismantle NHS", "Telegraph misled readers over NHS x-ray service, press watchdog finds", "Iceland has shown up Salmond as a Darien dreamer", "Michael Gove suggests Scots living in rest of UK could vote in second independence referendum", "Michael Gove helps to raise £2.8m for UJIA projects", "Antisemitism has 'morphed' into hatred of Israel, Michael Gove tells UJIA dinner", "Michael Gove: "To me, Israel is an inspiration, "Gove says boycott of Israeli goods is sign of 'resurgent antisemitism, "Michael Gove defends school Bibles scheme", "And lo! [145][146] He was criticised by MPs of all parties who felt allegations of sexual abuse were not a suitable subject for jokes. He good-humoredly said: My real name is Douglas, Michael Douglas. As he remarks in his discussion of Gove’s biography of Michael Portillo, published in 1995, when its subject was still regarded as a future Tory prime minister, ‘political biographers who choose to write about a figure not yet at the end of their career are taking a gamble.’ Who knows whether Bennett’s own gamble will come off? [158], Gove is generally considered as combining socially liberal views — for example, on gay marriage[159] — with a harder Eurosceptic and neoconservative position on foreign affairs. In 2005, after his brief career in journalism and a stint on a spectacularly bad late-night satirical programme on Channel 4 (Bennett’s account of it is one of the most enjoyable parts of the book), Gove became an MP, largely at Cameron’s bidding. A member of the Conservative Party, he served as Education Secretary from 2010 to 2014, Chief Whip from 2014 to 2015, Justice Secretary from 2015 to 2016 and Environment Secretary from 2017 to 2019. His wife Sarah Vine (somewhat inaccurately[175]) complained in her Daily Mail column that he could not have his foot X-rayed by the NHS because the minor injuries unit the couple visited did not provide the facility at weekends. [citation needed] Gove joined the Oxford University Conservative Association and was secretary of Aberdeen South Young Conservatives. But the decision made by one couple transformed our lives. But Zahawi told Today: “Wives have all sorts of pieces of advice for their husbands, as my wife does.”. We’ve​ got form, Michael Gove and I. His debating style carried over, not always to good effect, into his chosen career in journalism. [176], Gove believes that Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom, arguing that Scotland's strengths complement those of other parts of the UK. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. At a House of Commons Education Select Committee he said that this separation of achievement grew larger throughout pupils' school careers, stating, "In effect, rich thick kids do better than poor clever children when they arrive at school [and] the situation as they go through gets worse". Niall Ferguson was one; Simon Schama was hired to convene a committee to produce a draft.

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