Invite them to discover what Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf said was the most important day in his message “Behold the Man!” and discuss why he thought this was the most important day. A:   He must be a true man because the justice of God requires that the same human nature which has sinned should pay for sin.

As part of this discussion, you could also invite the young men to set a goal to use one of the suggestions discussed in class to come closer to Christ.

Berkhof writes, “Only such a truly human Mediator, who had experimental knowledge of the woes of mankind and rose superior to all temptations, could enter sympathetically into all the experiences, the trials, and the temptations of man (Heb. And that he, not merely an idea, is the ground of all truth, all reality, and there is no truth apart from him. What experiences have we had with applying what we learned? What Do We Do with Our Imperfect Worship? Jesus even prayed for future believers that they would be with Him (John 17:20-26). It’s vital that we understand not only that Jesus was truly God and fully man, but also why it is important.

#ASaviorIsBorn.”. What was meaningful to them? What has He done for us?

Ask the young men what has been the most important day in their life. Share your love for the Savior, and invite the young men to do the same.

Otherwise, how could he pay for our sin? In order to bear the weight of wrath, it is essential that the Savior be divine.

If possible, discuss these items beforehand in a quorum presidency meeting. What guidance could you share with friends who want to strengthen their relationship with the Savior? Matthew 10:1 (Jesus Christ gave His Apostles priesthood power), John 6:38 (Jesus Christ came to do His Father’s will), John 8:12; 3 Nephi 11:11 (Jesus Christ is the light and life of the world), John 14:6 (Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life), 2 Nephi 2:3–9; 9:5–12 (Lehi and Jacob testify of the Atonement of Jesus Christ), 3 Nephi 27:14–16 (Jesus Christ saves us from sin and death through His Atonement), 3 Nephi 27:27 (Jesus Christ is our example), Isaiah 1:18; Alma 36:3, 27; Ether 12:27; Doctrine and Covenants 58:42–43 (Christ’s Atonement offers peace and strength in trial or temptation), Jean B. Bingham, “That Your Joy Might Be Full,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2017, 85–87, David A. Bednar, “If Ye Had Known Me,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2016, 102–5, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Behold the Man!” Ensign or Liahona, May 2018, 107–10, “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2017, inside front cover (see also True to the Faith, 87–89; or Duty to God, 106), “#Hallelujah—An Easter Message about Jesus Christ” (video), “Why We Need a Savior—A Christmas Message about Our Savior Jesus Christ. You can follow him on Twitter. Why is it important for the young men to understand Jesus Christ’s roles? 12:2-4; 1 Pet. Our lives: Remind the quorum of the discussion from the last meeting. Invite the young men to search one of the following resources to find answers to these questions: “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles,” “Jesus Christ” in the Topical Guide, or a hymn that teaches what Jesus Christ has done for them (see “Jesus Christ—Savior” in the Topics index in the hymnbook).

He found opportunities for them to learn through powerful experiences.

On question 16 we read, Q: Why must he be a … He claimed to be the Son of God. According to the first-century physician Luke, a young virgin named Mary was told by an angel: “Look!, Plan a Mutual activity that will help the young men apply what they learned in this lesson. Invite them to share their ideas. Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases on The popular spiritual philosophy, especially after the events of September 11th, is that all religious belief systems, as long as heart-felt, are equal. What do we know about the nature of the Godhead?

It’s vital that we understand not only that Jesus was truly God and fully man, but also why it is important. Who needs our help and prayers? Because the penalty for sin requires suffering in body and soul.

Why He Is So Important FOR 2,000 years now, much attention has been focused on the birth of Jesus. For example, they could read a talk, watch a video, or study a scripture related to this doctrine. He blogs at Ordinary Pastor. A:    So that, by the power of his divinity, he might bear the weight of God’s anger in his humanity and earn for us and restore to us righteousness and life. © 2002-2020 Who should we invite to an upcoming activity? 11:29; Mark 10:39; John 13:13-15; Phil. Who is Jesus? As part of this activity, you could also show the video “Why We Need a Savior—A Christmas Message about Our Savior Jesus Christ. The answers are found in the Bible, the historical evidence people have trusted for over 2000 years. Erik Raymond is the senior pastor at Redeemer Fellowship Church in Metro Boston.

Led by a leader or teacher or a member of the quorum; approximately 25–35 minutes.

By virtue of his divine nature, he is able to earn for us eternal life and favor with God.

Invite the young men to write on the path suggestions from Sister Bingham’s message that lead to true joy. The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles. The popular spiritual philosophy, especially after the events of September 11th, is that all religious belief systems, as long as heart-felt, are equal. The answer here is focusing on the need for a real human nature.

Is there something they can do personally or as a quorum to apply what they have learned? Only a perfect, sinless sacrifice would atone for the sins of humanity.

Jesus was as much a human being as he was God. L. Berkhof, Systematic Theology, p. 319.

Who is Jesus?

Is this an important detail?

How can you help them discover His importance in their lives? Jesus did not only share in our nature but also he had to identify with us in the experiences of the fall (Heb. Study the Old Testament, because it points to Him.

But also, in order to satisfy this wrath, he had to offer a sacrifice of such a value that God would be pleased to accept it. Led by a member of the quorum presidency; approximately 5–10 minutes. 2:17-18).

Jesus is a part of the very same inheritance and covenant promise tradition that we know from Abraham! Encourage the young men to consider ways they can act on Sister Bingham’s counsel and share how Jesus has brought joy to their lives.

March 8, 2008.

One way to discuss her message might be to draw a path on the board leading to the word joy.

And only a human can do this (cf. It was the man Jesus who lived, worked, sweated, ate, drank, and gave his life for our sakes. This is an important question.

This story is very human. He and his wife, Christie, have six children. Ask some of the young men to search 2 Nephi 2:3–9 to find what Jesus Christ did for us, and ask the others to search 2 Nephi 9:6–10 to find what the consequences would be if He had not fulfilled His mission. Why It’s Important to Know!

Why is it so important that Jesus is the Son of God?

He has given us an invitation to come to know Him.

Q:  Why must he be a true and righteous man? Is this an important detail? Why Is The Lineage of Jesus So Important? We live in an age of religious pluralism and moral relativism. Ask the young men to discuss any feelings or impressions they had during the meeting. As they are wading through the biblical data, the question came up, Why was Jesus both human and divine?

How do their testimonies of Jesus Christ affect their daily lives? Why is Jesus Christ important in my life?

And through Jesus He has sought to restore us to Himself.

Here are five important facts you should know. What assignments have we fulfilled? Copyright © 2020 The Gospel Coalition, INC. All Rights Reserved. Please make sure all fields are filled out.

Encourage quorum members to look for the blessings Elder Uchtdorf promised to those who “behold” Jesus Christ.

These resources are to help you prepare for the “Learn together” section of the meeting.

Download. What visits do we need to make? How have we invited others to come unto Christ, and how can we invite others now? But it was essential that Christ himself did not sin in this identification with us. I have found the Heidelberg Catechism quite helpful in its concise explanation. If He wasn’t, then He would be a liar.

In short, the answer is, Jesus had to be truly God so that he could satisfy God’s wrath and secure for us true righteousness and life. Learn more.

You could also show the video “#Hallelujah—An Easter Message about Jesus Christ.”. It speaks to Jesus’ trustworthiness.

Want to know more about Jesus?

Why? Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior.

What scriptures would they share?

That’s what the world believes, but Jesus teaches otherwise.

Invite a few of them to explain how they gained their testimonies of Jesus Christ. 2:21). This answer focuses on the power coming from his divine nature. Gospel + Safety + Time = A Church Where Anyone Can Grow, Why Many Americans Will Be Shocked on Election Day. In short, the answer is Jesus had to be a man so that he could identify with us, suffering in our place and sympathizing with us in our weakness. Is Jesus the Way to Heaven?Who is Jesus and why is He the only path to salvation?

The Savior invited others to act in faith and live the truths He taught. Recently someone who is just beginning to investigate Christianity asked me an important question.

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